I Give Up! The Joint Pain is Too Much

Peak aggravation. It does not look like anything I do is functioning. Is it time to simply surrender as well as give up?

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Learn techniques to deal with aggravation as well as the need to surrender. Learn just how to stop aggravation, grow persistence, as well as remain encouraged with rehabilitative workout to take care of joint discomfort.

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18 thoughts on “I Give Up! The Joint Pain is Too Much”

  1. I’m NOT giving up. 70 yrs of this female body standing up straight. To wanting to stay bent over due to Hip/Leg pain. I DO give up on Western Dr.s Grrr Now a Dr. wants to start me on Meds cuz the Dexa Scan say’s I have severe Osteoporosis. Sure I do compared to a 35 yr. old. Grrr Now I am working on but on weight w/ building muscles (not fat) to support my “Severe Osteoporosis”. Not one Dr. has suggested weight gain and ATM. Don’t one to be the one to fall and scream out “Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” ATM
    Research Best words I heard from a Nurse when checked into Hospital for Insulin.
    She said: “Hmmm Diabetes, You need to Research read everything you can about Diabetes. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH”

  2. Great to hear. I feel the same way. I found great success from chronic back/neck pain through the Feldenkrais Method over many years when nothing else helped It helped me functionally, but now 10 yrs later my feet are worse (flatfeet). Tendonitis, now painful finger joints! I am so stressed. Yet I have improved sooo much in other areas. I feel like a karmic mess. Now I’m old enough to be considered old. 61. 😩 I stay away from doctors & meds. I just realized I am gaining weight & haven’t done aerobic exercise in 10 yrs! I believe it is my responsibility to improve function & life. I have a great PT helping build muscles to support my feet. $400 orthotics from the podiatrist feel totally wrong! Don’t waste your money. I also find my mind is the real culprit & I must improve my thoughts & beliefs. Abraham Hicks is helping! I realize I need to keep up my practices longer than I do. Thanks & love your approach. Linda

  3. Thank you so much, have reached a level of frustration where all I wanted to do was sit and cry, but got back up and kept up with exercising, went to a specialist who told me a different reason why I was having problems, bursitis, osteoarthritis of the hip. It’s your hip joint, it’s stiff, really I thought !!! He gave me one exercise and sent me on my way. So this morning saw your video and laughed, gave me more hope as I was seeing improvement but wanted to be better asap. So back to exercising with more hope then ever before

  4. It’s really hard. 5 years ago my elbows started to hurt, no physio has helped, nor can anyone figure out whats wrong nor working out has helped. And I can barely hold stuff anyway so my workout are really limited. 2.5 years ago my right shoulder froze, just last month it has finally started to regain some mobility but its still very stiff and painful. Also last month my left shoulder have started to hurt so I fear for another frozen shoulder. 1 year ago my left knee started to hurt, and nobody can figure out why, and no workout I do ever helps. I mostly just want to die, and im BARELY 30 and I an barely move or do chores or lift my little kid. Feels like im getting worse and never improves. But its almost impossible to know, because of all the chores I do, which greatly varies from day to day. Its very hard to measure. If I had a busy day and I ache a lot, I can barely workout. It 99% of the time makes my next day way worse. Also making my workouts very irregular. They wont operate on me because the cant find anything wrong(elbows).

  5. Hi Matt, great video. I’m a senior lady who fell and broke my hip a year ago resulting in a hip replacement. It’s been one problem after another and now I’m afraid to move. Every symptom you described about yourself I now have, head to toe. The surgeon told me the only solution is more surgery. Nope. Not happening.

    I’ve asked several well-known physio therapists online where I should begin. They either don’t reply or they try to sell me an expensive program. My frustration and hopelessness has been paralyzing. You answered my question beautifully. I now know how to begin thanks to you.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It means more than you know. Cheers from Canada.

  6. I realized it’s not baby steps , it’s mouse steps. 3 years and now I can walk up and down stairs. The Dr’s abandoned me. One year on I can squat now and get off the floor. I had to learn about my body. I now feel like I have turned a corner. Now I’m working on balance.

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