INCREDIBLY GOOD | Viparspectra XS1500 PRO 150W LED grow light for a 2×2 | 4/20 SALE

VIPARSPECTRA 420 LIMITED TIME SALE: XS1500 PRO up to 29% OFF! Time: Apr 17 – Apr 23 Amazon US: Save 8% Coupon Code: MIGROPRO (Amazon code Valid until May 31st 2023) Official Web: I don’t get to review lights this good very often. This is one of the best I’ve seen. A blend of innovation, excellent quality and performance at a great price. I’ve liked all the Viparspectra grow lights I have reviewed but this is another step up.

The PAR map it produces is best in class. The LEDs are protected and the light is distributed by acrylic lenses which do an amazing job of delivering almost perfect uniformity over a small area at a low hanging height. This format is very innovative and very well executed. Congratulations to Viparspectra. Buy here: #viparspectra #migrolight Shop MIGRO ARAY (global shipping): Our Amazon US store (Free US shipping): Bulk orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a quotation Follow us: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:

16 thoughts on “INCREDIBLY GOOD | Viparspectra XS1500 PRO 150W LED grow light for a 2×2 | 4/20 SALE”

  1. What’s your opinions about this compared to the marshydro ts1000? I’m about to upgrade my very underpowered ts600, I was going to go for the ts1000 but now I’m not sure if I should get this one instead since there isn’t a real comparison between the two out anywhere

  2. I would rather get 4 of these for a 4×4 then a big light. More flexibility for early growth (shut down a few lights) and possible different hanging heights in later stages. Or maybe get only 3 of them to have room for big tower ventilator in one corner.
    Hope politics gets it done this year and the light drops a bit from 200€ price atm.

  3. Just ordered one today and viparspectra may be using older Samsung diodes 281b but the fact that the outer edge par tests are so good it just shows that you Don’t need the latest diodes or the most expensive light to hit your target.

    @ migro I love your honesty and been watching many many videos of lights and just learning.

    Thank you for being 💯 with your results and honesty.

    It’s funny how a person on Amazon who says their using pro lights doesn’t understand what this light means for further innovations.

    Yes I get what you pay for.
    Got my viparspectra xs pro for $50 off knocking it under $100.00 US dollar.

    Imo I can’t wait to start my 1st grow and I’m really hoping to have 1 More of these by winter.

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