Indoor Go-Karting with multiple floors! – TeamSport Dunstable


HI! Go-Karting/Motorsport are huge passions of mine and I thought what better than to bring content back to my channel than with showcasing my main passions in life. The track in question is TeamSport Karting in Dunstable/Luton. I recently picked up the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the mic adapter with the purple panda lavs (thanks motovloggers for showing me the way!) and wanted to break them in with a Karting session. Thank you so much for the support on the channel over the past few months, I’m super excited to be able to bring my favourite thing to do to you all with Karting, Racing tips and tricks, and maybe even some car track style videos eventually too. ——————————— β†’ Twitter | β†’ Instagram | Useful Items for Your Car! (Affiliate links below, I get a cut, and it supports the channel!) Jump pack/charger – Jump leads – Reflective vest – Mini Toolkit – Tyre pressure gauge – First aid kit – Quality torch/flashlight – Accessories and Ideas –

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