Intermittent Fasting: Handle Your Health Problems The Natural Way

Intermittent fasting is an age old technique that has actually just recently acquired conventional interest for its prevalent success in aiding soothe numerous illness. Sadhguru talks about just how to deal with it and also the advantages that you can anticipate.

Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An apprehending mix of profundity and also materialism, his life and also job functions as a tip that yoga exercise is a modern scientific research, extremely appropriate to our times.

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15 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting: Handle Your Health Problems The Natural Way”

  1. Just did a 36 hour fast and gotta say it’s like reconnecting with your more true self, childhood energy, life. Very powerful and I advise anyone, health allowing, to try it and maybe consult with your doctor first if you’re uncertain your current health allows. If not full days, a restricted window of 8 hours to test but honestly the 36hours blows it away – starting one night, going the entire next day into sleep, waking up and waiting a few more hours. I feel great, happy to keep going with this challenge a few days a week to achieve some health goals.

    To compensate for hunger (hangry) cravings, just mental cravings – I drank apple cider vinegar water, tea, 1 coffee in the early morning.
    Funny I had some potentially stressful things to handle at work and with a troubled friend and felt pretty centered and more real handling those things fasted. Snacks are often an escape from stress or a motivator and the internal control of these things gets blurred or weakened by such snacking habits.

  2. I am a practicing doctor.
    I tried eating my first meal at 8 am and second meal at 7pm for the last 3 months..with only some water in between.
    It was hard for me in the first week..
    But after that I was feeling much active,healthier and fresh….
    This clearly works even if its contrary with what I studied.
    Note- But I sleep 7 hours.

  3. It is really too bad he let fly an offhand racist remark at @0:51. Extremley wise obviously and in touch with the modern world. Fasting is and has been practiced in Western cultures since time immemorial too. Even the most amazing people can harbour such feelings.

  4. Fasting I suppose is a chance to give the body a break to detox, distribute necessary nutrients, minerals etc throughout the body and literally giving it a change to breath so it can function at a normal, healthy pace….I personally like to think at least once a week I can indulge a little because there’ll always be people, friends and family who will eat delicious even if unhealthy foods around you and you cant help feeling envious. Also you are invited out for dinner or to someones home and dieting forever is antisocial. We have to find a happy media not to trigger our stress hormone cortisol because I feel stressed sometimes and deprived a lot when following some strict diets.

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