Invisalign Before and also After: Crowded Teeth

Many assume that orthodontics is just essential to deal with misaligned teeth however a great deal of individuals begin therapy to repair their congested teeth. Crowded teeth takes place when teeth lack area and also begin to continue each various other. Fixing crowded teeth can have lots of advantages such as the avoidance of periodontal illness and also avoid jaw discomfort and also damages. Fixing your congested teeth additionally brings about much better oral health as well as additionally makes it simpler for you to eat and also absorb food. In this simulation, you see just how congested teeth can be taken care of withInvisalign Each aligner is developed to change your teeth right into much better occlusion and also offer you that grin you should have!


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    1. @OSPWerks Yes, retainers are usually used as the last phase of orthodontic treatment. After completion of Invisalign treatment, your teeth can still shift and become misaligned as time goes by. By wearing retainers overnight, it can help maintain the position of your teeth.

  1. Hi, Dr.!!

    I am from 🇯🇵 japan.
    This case is similar to the difficulty of my teeth.
    You haven’t extracted your teeth, right? In Japan, there are many dentists who recommend tooth extraction, which makes me uneasy. Is there a case where the brace is also their extraction? or

    1. Hello, everyone got after over 10 months.
      Thankful, the braces is expected to come off soon without pulling out my teeth. Move to retainer. I was a correction at the age of 40, if you are more young people should convey their intentions and best and move forward. I was very nervous a year ago in also COVID.
      The communications about dentistry between doctors and medical staff is very large point of view, so I think it’s best to have a good encounter.
      Hope everyone are well !! 🙏

    1. @Tim Maslen You shouldn’t judge yourself for your teeth, or anything else about your body. I was in the same boat, I still find myself falling into that negative mindset, actually. But one day your teeth will *all* fall out. One day, you will not have a single hair left on your head. One day your skin will be wrinkly, elastic and your bones will be frail and easily broken. Our body will decay, but your mind can stay young till the day you draw your last breath. Bad teeth, paraplegia, amputation, even death. All of these things are physical, yet your mind is an inner kingdom you can make untouched by the outer world.

      In case you or anybody else reads this comment-chain and feels like they are not enough and their self-esteem & mental health need work, take up the Coursera science of well-being seminar (it’s free, it’s effective, and it’s a great start to improving mental health). Do the weeks, even if you do just a bit every day. You can *halve* your anxiety, your depression, your self loathing within a few weeks. Halve is not exterminate, but what would you pay right now to have it halved for you? I promise you it will never get better if you don’t start *somewhere* and then dedicate yourself to doing that thing every day. I wish all of you well and for you not to get hung up over things such as looks & beauty. They are the least of life’s important aspects.

    1. For some braces cases, rubber bands/elastics are part of your treatment. Every case is different, depending on your teeth, bite and treatment plan. The rubber bands/elastics will help correct the alignment of your teeth and bite. It will also help fix severe overbites, deep bites, and spaces.

    1. Invisalign treatment is not painful. There will be moments where you feel pressure on certain areas. As you progress through treatment and change your aligners, you will feel pressure in different areas. In general, the pressure that you feel will subside after a day or two.

  2. This is amazing!!! Wonderful and even heartwarming too!!! I’m 28 and had braces years ago, from late 7th grade to late junior year of high school and I had severe crowding pretty much just like you. I even had two extractions done (two premolars from the left side of my jaw). The dentist office that did that asked if I wanted to keep those two teeth after the surgery. I said no, and I deeply regret it years later. I’m not happy with my smile. I believe my orthodontist was incompetent and I wish to God invisalign was extremely well developed back in 2008. Unfortunately, It was not. I hope those two premolar teeth are still at that dentist office near me, because I want to reopen those fucking extractions spaces with invisalign and put those teeth back in!! I do not want bridges or implants, just to make that extremely clear. I will go see a very open-minded orthodontist that has experience with invisalign, even in extreme crowding cases like mine. If my two premolars were discarded a long time ago, then I would like that orthodontist to find two matching premolars from a deceased body at a coroner’s office, extract them from his/her jaw, clean them, and put them in my jaw after opening up those extraction spaces a little bit. I know this sounds fucked up and impossible, but I will do whatever it takes to improve my smile with invisalign.

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