Invisalign G6. Clinical Innovations for First Premolars Extraction. .com/watch?v=pujaJJsi_YE

Invisalign G6. Clinical Innovations for First Premolars Extraction. In this video you can see how Invisalign works with Smart Force. Different shapes of attachments and their position control movements of the teeth. These things control teeth in 3d position very good. Material from: INVISALIGN

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    1. @SG Lightz It is not over-crowded! We are meant as animals to have a full set of teeth. You wouldn’t cut a toe off if you wore a tight fitting shoe. You would get bigger shoes. It does not make any sense to remove teeth if your mouth isn’t “big enough”. Expand the mouth to fit the teeth.

    2. @The Boy James it’s tough because we only have 4 options in the case of this kind of crowding:
      1. keep teeth crooked
      2. straighten teeth but protrude them
      3. extract teeth and don’t protrude them
      4. widen the palate to avoid extraction & protrusion

      Upper palate expansion can be done non surgically now with MSE but lower jaw expansion is a rather invasive surgical procedure. Until some kind of future genetic modification technology comes these are our only options.

  1. Avoid extractions, seriously!!! Tongue room is reduced with extraction and retraction, that affects breathing, which is a big thing!!!! I have that problem now, I am in the process of reversing the extraction process. Have talked to several people, they had the problem too. Do not extract the premolars before it’s too late. The doctors will tell you that with extraction you will have a more pleasing facial profile, but consider function first! Plus, extractions often result in a sagged in profile which is not so pleasing.

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  3. Never ever let them do extractions on u.
    They did it to me and I have been suffering for many years. No room for tongue. That caused me to choke on my own tongue while trying to sleep. I’m two years into the tooth extraction reversal process and my life and face are improving drastically.

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  5. The girl in the second photo doesn’t even have a protrusion. And she’s doesn’t have an open bite either. The first case if she pulls out her teeth her face is gonna sink in so bad and her mouth will be way too narrow. The people behind these extractions are honestly fucked up in the head. No reason to extract healthy teeth, ever. If your teeth are crowded use an expander. My teeth were severely crowded and my ortho was able to line them up without pulling teeth, until I grew an open bite and he pulled my teeth out anyways :(. But yeah idk why this topic of teeth extractions is so controversial. It’s a topic that should have never arisen in the first place.

  6. I’m freaking out as my sister had her 2
    Pre molars extracted today! I’m seriously so upset about her decision to do extractions on her teeth! The dentist suggest extracting 2 more pre molars to set her front teeth flat! I.mean how the hell would he do that! She is just 24 and having no teeth on her makes me feel freaked out everytime I think of that! Can anyone suggest if this would be a good idea to extract 2 more pre molars? I’m seriously freaking out! Help please!

  7. Would welcome your advice. I had 4 premolar extraction orthodontics, and the shrinking of my arches made my mouth too small for my tongue: oral cavity measured on the CT as a cubic centimeter smaller.
    No ability to swallow normally anymore: must use my cheek muscles and mentalis muscle. Tongue getting bitten constantly by teeth. ENT nasal fibroscopy revealed my tongue is now blocking my airway.
    My orthodontist has proposed that I get my tongue cut. Is this a standard and recommended procedure for patients in my situation? Are there any other alternatives?
    Thank you for your advice. I did some research into tongue reduction surgery and it looks extremely painful.

  8. Don’t ever do this! It’s a scam to get you to stay longer in treatment. My first consultation and a dentist is pushing me to pull out 4 healthy teeth!! I told her absolutely not and went with another place who suggested IPR (shaving the sides of teeth) so much better and safer. Plus if you extract it takes at least 8 months for the gap to disappear so Everytime you eat you will have this odd spaces in your smile.

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