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Having trouble removing your Invisalign trays or clear aligners? Not wanting to remove them with unclean hands or a fresh manicure. Here’s a quick tutorial video on how to remove your Invisalign trays using OrthoKey! Visit us at

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    1. @D. M. I’m on day 4! I also haven’t been eating as much because I hate having to take them out and it takes so long for me to brush my teeth/floss before putting them back in. I also had two teeth taken out for the aligners and those spots are still sore so I’ve been in constant pain for a whole week now. I’m starting to notice the pain go down tho!! 1.5 years left šŸ˜­ I have to keep reminding myself the pain won’t be there by then and my teeth will look a lot nicer. šŸ€šŸ•Š

    2. @Midnight Portal Hey there! It sounds really painful, I can imagine how you feel! But belive me, it’s SO worth all this torture. I’m almost done with my treatment and I can just say – why didn’t I do it earlier, it feels soooo good to have beautiful teeth. Stay strong, it very soon will get MUCH better!! šŸ¤—

    1. @Marta Sanchez if it’s the first couple of days, just be patient and realize it’s going to take a while. But after a few days once the attachments are broken in a bit, it does get a little easier. Aim for a spot where there are less attachments… my top left side, I have an attachment on the last molar, so I have to aim for behind the tooth NEXT to it, and then sort of peel the tray down/off from there.

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