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See how user-friendly and powerful IRIS Payroll Business is and learn how it can make running payroll easy for you. IRIS Payroll Business is intuitive, powerful small business payroll software, designed to help small businesses with up to 50 employees handle complex payroll legislation easily. All IRIS Payroll software is now compliant with HMRC’s new Real Time Information (RTI) legislation, which will affect all businesses with less than 5,000 employees from April 2013. To find out more information about IRIS Payroll Business or book a personal demonstration, visit To find out more information about Real Time Information (RTI) visit

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  1. Hi IRIS Team,
    I have a query regarding the Roll Back Option in the Bureau Software.
    If I need to revise a Payroll for more than two Employees can i use Roll back option for both Employees and generate a Overall Payslip For all Employees which includes the changes made for two Employees?
    and If possible can you post a video related to it Please.

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