Irish Man Killed by Former FBI Agent | The Disturbing Case of Jason Corbett & Molly Martens


Jason Corbett moved from Limerick Ireland, to North Carolina, America together with his children and spouse Molly Martens. Jason was discovered useless in his home. Molly and her dad Tom Martens who was a former fbi agent of 30 years declare it was self protection. nevertheless Jason’s household imagine it was pre meditated. ————————- Subscribe ? ————————- Socials Instagram – @MorningCrime Tiktok – @MorningCrimeTime ————————— Tags molly martens, molly martens corbett, molly martens corbett documentary, molly martens police interview, jason corbett molly, jason corbett limerick, north carolina true crime, true crime each day north carolina, crime in north carolina, Irelands vanishing triangle,irish espresso true crime,true crime eire,true crime documentary eire,true crime tales eire,true crime tales,true crime tiktoks,true crime storytime,true crime and make-up,true crime interrogation,eire true crime,Murder mysteries,true crime asmr,true crime make-up,true crime 2022, coffehouse crime ————————— DISCLAIMER: Great effort is made to make sure all supplies in Morning Crime Time movies fall inside the pointers of truthful use. No copyright infringement is meant. If you might be, or characterize the copyright proprietor of any supplies by accident used on this video and have a problem with its use, please contact me and I’ll reply as quickly as doable.

12 thoughts on “Irish Man Killed by Former FBI Agent | The Disturbing Case of Jason Corbett & Molly Martens”

  1. Even if not pre-meditated, it seems from what we know that too much force was used. Circumstances do lean toward it being planned. Jason was planning on leaving and just did not get out in time. It seems like he knew he needed to get out of there. This is a trial I would like to be able to watch.

  2. I don’t believe Jason attacked Molly at all, men that abuse their wives never do it in front of witnesses especially her parents.
    I think he was set up by Molly & her parents.
    I think Molly told her parents that Jason beat her & they decided to get him.
    Odd that nobody else said he was violent?
    Can imagine Americans couldn’t cope with Irish drinking culture, but she must have seen all this before she was in a relationship with him? Just because you drink doesn’t have to equal violence.
    Molly was up to something? Maybe she thought Jason would be vulnerable & she could control him.

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