Is the Birth Control Pill Wrecking Your Health?

Joining me is Rikki Schlott, a reporter at the New York Post, talking about why ladies are deserting the contraceptive pill. She asserts it influences points like companion choice, feedbacks to tension, therefore far more. Women on the contraceptive pill have a tendency to be brought in to guys that are much less typically manly. This is an instead huge problem that the tradition media will not also touch.

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15 thoughts on “Is the Birth Control Pill Wrecking Your Health?”

  1. When i had sex ed in the eighth grade, my teacher was adamant that there are absolutely no side effects from birth control. Public schools are telling girls this.

    Five years later, one of my coworkers almost died from a blood clot that resulted from her birth control..

  2. it stays in urine so it goes in rivers as it cannot be removed in purification plants
    in uk hermaphroditic fish were found in waters by outflow pipes
    i think hike in breast cancer is caused by this wholesale madness of ingesting hormones
    the water supply with estrogen in it and the proximity of male children to their hormone pill taking moms may be a factor in the rise of the soy boy population.
    There must be effects among female children yet to be discovered

  3. My wife was devastated by the pill. She stopped taking it a few years after we met and her anxiety and depression that she’d struggled with for a decade finally lifted. She had no clue it had anything to do with the pill and every doctor she’d see would say there was no connection. When she developed gallstones and had to go to the ER for emergency surgery she found out there was a class action against Yaz, the company that made the pill, due to it causing gallbladder disease in young healthy women. After that the lights turned on and she threw the pills in the garbage. Getting off of them is tough but there are other options out there now, even from a man’s perspective I can see it’s not worth it.

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