Is this the Cheapest Silver Bullion Coin to Buy?

#FloridaStacker Welcome to my Gold and Silver YouTube Channel. In today’s video we start to fill a new empty tube with 20 of the 2023 Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins! We start with 5 and a fresh tube. We also briefly look at the Ducaton Silver Dutch Rider and the 2023 Czech lion Silver Coins to include the correct capsule size for the coin. You can find these coins and much more at this link below: Where to Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum Online & Support Florida Stacker Where to Buy Stacking Supplies Black Nitrile Gloves: American Silver Eagle Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Capsules (Red Lid): Capsule Tube & 20 Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Capsules (Black Lid): Guardhouse American Silver Eagle Coin Tubes (5 Tubes โ€“ Green Lid): Guardhouse American Silver Eagle Coin Tubes (10 Tubes – Green Lid): 500oz American Silver Eagle Tube Monster Box w/Foam Insert: Krugerrand, Britannia and Generic Silver Round Coin Tubes (Medallion 66) 20 Coins will fit. Generic Silver Round, British Silver Britannia, South African Silver Krugerrand Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Capsules (Red Lid): 500oz Generic Silver Round, Britannia, Krugerrand Monster Box Foam Insert: 1 oz Gold American Eagle, Gold American Buffalo, Gold South African Krugerrand, Gold British Britannia, Platinum American Eagle, Platinum Britannia Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Direct Fit H-32 Air-Tite Coin Capsules (Red Lid): Guardhouse 1 oz Gold Square Coin Tubes (Red Top, Quantity 5): 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle, 1/2 oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/2 oz Gold Britannia Coin Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Direct Fit H-27 Air-Tite Coin Capsules (Red Lid): 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle, 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Coin Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Direct Fit H-22 Air-Tite Coin Capsules (Black Lid): 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle, 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/10 oz Gold Britannia, 1/10 oz Platinum American Eagle, 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia, 1/10 oz Gold Philharmonic Coin Supplies: Capsule Tube & 20 Direct Fit H-16 Air-Tite Coin Capsules (Red Lid): (Black Lid): Queenโ€™s Beast 2oz Silver Coin Supplies: High Relief 39mm Direct Fit Coin Capsule (2 oz Coin, Quantity 10): Florida Stacker Music provided by: I have a Capital One Quicksilver credit card and really like the 1.5% Cash Back on every purchase. If you decide to apply for a card, please use this link; if you’re approved, I’ll get a referral bonus. Send email to: [email protected]

31 thoughts on “Is this the Cheapest Silver Bullion Coin to Buy?”

  1. So pissed off! SD bullion not only put my life at risk but also kind of screwed me! Okay so like everybody I’ve always liked silver and gold. Recently decided it wanted to start collecting/stacking. Decided I wanted to start. So I was able to get some MS70 silver Eagles and Gem bu wedge tail eagles and few others for about 30 bucks each so I pick them up. What I really wanted to do was start building weight! I went to sdbullion for their 1 time 5oz at spot had to get more to get free shipping so I got one of the things I wanted since the second I saw it (Scottsdale stacker!got the 2oz) (HERES WHERE I FEEL LIKE I WAS SCREWED!) Then I got what was the cheapest coin because it was less than even most of the rounds…. A 2023 Philharmonic! I don’t really like them so much but didn’t have much more $. Then I said well it’d be nice to have a surprise so I’ll get a 1oz random coin. It’s only like $2 more than the Phil but I really do like the maples and they’re $1 less than the random coin as well. No ill get the surprise. It’ll make for a good video and be cool to see what I get! Well I GOT A SURPRISE ALRIGHT!!! I open it up and it was a 5oz bar for the 5 at spot. I was hoping for a few different things and figured if they were doing this to get new customers it’d be smart if the gave people multiple items for a better chance they be intrigued but it started to grow on me and hey it was poured! Here’s where my surprise comes in my second coin might be fun to see what I get coin my $2 more than the Philharmonic coin… oh look at that it’s a freaking 2023 Philharmonic!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคจ so I am upset! My first order and they say oh look you got a philharmonic and he chose to get a random coin so that must mean he wants another Philharmonic because I definitely wouldn’t have typed a number two instead of a number one into the box next to Philharmonic if you wanted one! That’s when I realized something that made me pissed off!! They just charged me two extra dollars and change for the same freaking coin!! It’s not like this is all done by computer something know there’s a checklist that they have but they send to you where they literally check off each item with a pen as they put it in! They looked at the 2023 Philharmonic and then checked off random coin which was directly under it on the checklist! Is it just me or does anybody else think that that is really beat? Not only did they give me the same client for the random that I chose as the coin that I picked out but they charged me $2 extra and change for it! I don’t know I don’t usually complain about stuff like this but I definitely complain about it when someone screws me and I feel like I’ve been screwed! Yeah it was their choice coin but it was also their choice to the same coin and then charge me more money! If they were trying to get new customers giving away 5 oz of spot price well they certainly screwed that one up! I won’t ever go to them again! There’s tons of other people out there and I guess I’ll just have to shop around until I have a transaction with one of them that isn’t a total feeling of getting bent over ! I don’t know if anybody’s going to read this but if someone does you tell me about being a baby about this or do you think it’s screwed up that they would do that? I understand it was their choice but you wouldn’t charge me $2 extra for the same coin you expect me to be like that’s a great experience I’m going to go back to them for sure! I don’t know to me it’s really freaking obvious that if someone put out a Philharmonic and then they didn’t pick out another one but instead they paid extra money and chose instead to get random coin they probably didn’t want another Philharmonic! Also would have thought about it and said maybe if I want them as a new customer I shouldn’t screw them at a $2 while at the same time giving him the same boring as coin that they obviously would have chosen to get two of if they wanted two of
    Oh and I almost forgot they pretty much just put it out there that I was collecting silver or something like that now because there’s so-called discreet shipping consisted of a bubble envelope that they just dropped these coins into after sticking them in flips. If you don’t understand what I’m saying imagine a thin little envelope with 9 oz of silver in it! You have the envelope in your hand and it goes flop with this huge amount of weight in this single little area oh and yeah you can literally feel and see what they are directly through the packaging! At this point I feel like I’m just complaining about everything but isn’t there a reason it’s supposed to be discreet isn’t there a reason why people don’t show their faces on those channels! Yet you’re going to send something to me like that so my mailman and everyone else in the post office who came within ten feet of it could see what it was! I mean you didn’t have to have it in your hand one look at it it was pretty obvious! Just enforcing that idea and proving to me that I’m not going crazy I can’t get the mail in my apartment because there’s no mailbox it’s dropped off downstairs in the store which is owned by the same landlord. I went down and asked if he had a box for me and instead he handed me this bubble wrap envelope that was flopping down with obviously a tremendous amount of weight in it all in one little area with bulging out circular shapes! So obvious that the guy handing it to me said that must be a bunch of paper weights huh as smirked and laughed! Tell me that isn’t dangerous! Who’s he going to tell about it? Who did he already talk to about it while I was down there you don’t think he might have mentioned something talk to the other worker about it?!? Who is the mailman going to tell about it? Who are the three or four other people who were in the store at the time that weren’t even working they’re going to tell about it? Oh and did I mention I live in Camden New Jersey you know the same Camden that was number one murder capital United States for multiple years in a row! Maybe people don’t think this is a big deal but if I was standing there and saw it just like the man handing it to me I would have known exactly what the fuk it was or at least three good idea! What else would you you think I could be and on the envelope it says something about to company name which the first word of was Stone Nation point in my opinion that’s probably even worse because looking at that I’d be like oh Stone what kind of stones like diamond type Stones what kind of stones? Awfully heavy package wonder what those small round shapes are that way so much! Know how easily this could have been fixed!! All that to do was use a cardboard box that was the same size as that bubble envelope and it would have been much less conspicuous because you would have been able to see the shapes as well as you would not have been able to tell how much area the objects inside took up as long as they made sure it didn’t slide back and forth on the interior.

  2. I’m just wondering why do you find it necessary to line up the thoughts from where it was made in the injection mold? Is it just a OCT type thing or is there some sort of reason for that? I guess maybe because that’s the way it was created it fits together best that way? Wondering where this came from who thought this up to the come from the company they say they should do that? I’m just curious cuz I just put it in and quoted I’ve never tried lining them up before didn’t think it mattered

  3. ah, im picking up generic and junk silver, still cheaper at my LCS….been getting most my silver under 30 an oz…..but its barely under….i bought some silver a few months back at under 21 an oz….and now people are paying 30 dollars or more an oz thinking they are getting a deal..haha….over 30 isnt a deal….gl!!

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