King Henry 8th Monarchs Series Has Been Released From The Royal Mint!

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Remaking History
As among the earliest functioning mints worldwide, we have actually created coins for a variety of stately empires throughout our 1,100-year background, consisting of a few of one of the most fabulous majesties to put on the crown. The British Monarchs Collection distinctively commemorates these legendary kings as well as queens by supplying a numismatic photo of their corresponding powers with coin styles of the past.

Henry VIII
The newest launch in our British Monarchs Collection discovers the life as well as power of Henry VIII, the 2nd emperor from the House ofTudor The picture on the opposite of this 2023 coin reviews an initial silver picture of the king that flowed throughout Henry VIII’s power, a picture that saw him come to be called ‘Old Coppernose’.

British Monarchs King Henry VIII 2023 UK 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Limited Edition 1350
Price: ₤ 99.50.

Rated 0 out of 5.
Limited Edition 1350.
The 5th enhancement to The British Monarchs Collection
The initial coin in the collection to include the main silver picture of His Majesty King Charles III.
Struck in one ounce of 999 great silver to Proof criterion.
Features a remastered picture of Henry VIII that showed up on the coins of his well known power.
An one-of-a-kind mix of modern-day workmanship as well as British background from The Royal Mint
Accompanied by an insightful brochure regarding the king as well as exactly how his extravagant way of life impacted the silver of his power.

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35 thoughts on “King Henry 8th Monarchs Series Has Been Released From The Royal Mint!”

  1. Not my thing Henry isn’t the best look for a coin and the way he looks on the actual coin leaves a lot to be desired,it just seems RM are pushing anything out the door for a quick cash grab,no doubt the QC on these will be just as bad as of late.

  2. There are different portraits of Henry VIII on the original coins. I think if you were collecting the Henry VIII original coins that portrait is not the one you would collect first. I think the choice by RM is not great and for me anyway the new Royal Mint coin does not look good.

  3. I got mine at 12.01, checked back at 12.04 and it was sold out. I can’t remember if it was in the listing or on the checkout page but I read delivery will be from late March (mind you, I’m still waiting for my Edward VII – I phoned them on Saturday and was told it should be dispatched within two weeks). I disagree with negative comments about the portrait – it’s very close to the testoon portrait, which at the time was a vast step up from previously issued coins. Had they picked a younger portrait from coins issued earlier in his reign, the result would have looked very similar to the Henry VII piece. By the way, I cancelled my order for the two Queen Elizabeth memorial silver proofs because I was fed up after waiting over five months. I was told that the number of orders for the two silver crown sized coins was “absolutely mental”, so I think for those prepared to wait, these will end up cheaper on the secondary market.

  4. I was speaking to the R.M when I noticed these… I’m not keen on the portrait , plus despite every effort to keep in ideal conditions , many of my silver proofs have come on in milk spots or toning marks…
    if they did this in quarter ounce … absolutely ..yes .. silver … this time .. No thank’s ! but will watch for future designs .. hopefully young head Victoria , Elizabeth I …

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