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Treat cash value life insurance as an additional tool to save money. It can be a powerful thing if properly planned. This is the money from the investment side that you can use for anything you want. If you have any questions please feel free to leave it in the comment section. What I used to make this video: *Affiliate Links Camera: Lens: Lens combo: Backpack: Mic: ND Filter: Selfie Stick: Tripod: #lifeinsuranceasinvestmenttool #money #lifeinsurance #cashvaluelifeinsurance #wholelife #universallife #wealth #personalfinance #financialindependence *** This video is for informational purposes only***

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    1. @William Castillo The situation would describe a 5 year plan. In my experience that’s typically not enough time to see enough growth to cover college expenses.

      Of course it depends on other factors as well. Such as is community College an option for the first few years, is graduate school in the plans, assets in the kids and parents names, financial aid like scholarships and grants, and how much will be put into the account are just a few things to consider.

      If someone is really interested in doing this as a way to fund college I’m more than happy to help take a look in a one on one setting but my previous answer is a generalization based on my experience not an absolute. So you are correct in that it can work in CERTAIN situations. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to elaborate as you did mention a valid point.

    2. Derek no . It a good idea sir. This man you are listening to is a insurance agent not an investment specialist. Trust me if you want more information contact me and I have several policies from his company where a kids “college fund” Was drained from all the fees .. after paying 18,000 into the policy he only had 1,500 after fees for college. Highway robbery.

    1. Heck no. You know how much the fees are for the surrender charges!! Ask this clown to tell you how much their policies fees are… Ridiculous.. you won’t even build up cash value for the first 3-5 years !! Why? because all the money you pay for ” savings” goes to agent commissions.. please don’t listen to this guy. Do more research. I’m an expert in Investments and insurance. This guy doesn’t even have an investment License there for is not licensesd to give Investments advice. He’s barely capable of giving insurance advice !!. Please brother do your research before you give these jokers your money

  1. This is how cash value works
    Let’s say you have a bank. These are the terms for this imaginary bank
    1. Can generate 0 to 5 interest
    2.Whatever you put in the bank, you will have zero the first 1 to 5 years
    3. Once you have gains in your cash value, you can take it out but borrowed. You must take out a loan(it’s your money) and will have to pay 6 to 8 percent interest on that loan.

    This is how cash value works

    Do you still want cash value? Not a smart investment

    1. @Josue Rosales To compare gains of cash value life insurance to a traditional investment is misleading. They are better suited to work together to combat taxes, inflation, market risk, health risk and several other factors. A good financial planner will take into account all of these things and look at other factors along with the investment gains. This was clearly outlined in the video.

    2. @Shark Party The true ROI on cash value (after fees/commissions) is about 1.5%….garbage. Consumer Reports did a study on how this nonsense operates. Keep in mind it takes YEARS to build up any significant cash value as the first 4 years of CV payments are mostly direct commissions to those who sold you this scam. Here’s the kicker: When you die, the beneficiaries (in most cases) only receive the face value of the death benefit. You ask, “Hey what happened to all my cash value I’ve been putting in all these years?” The insurance company KEEPS it. Stay away from this BS. Listen to Dave Ramsey, Suzy Orman, Marko Financing, Forbes Magazine and Motley Fool who tell people to ONLY buy term and invest the difference.

    1. @Fritz Ramos Let’s see, I’ve checked with NYL, Mass Mutual and Banner Life…Nope, they do not offer cash value and death benefit to beneficiaries in a typical WL policy. This is why I’m asking YOU. Hence, you must know a SPECIFIC company that is offering what you claim. I want you to NAME the company so I can screen shoot your comments/video and email it to them.

  2. Investing so you can borrow from yourself to have “generational wealth”. How but just be disciplined enough to pay for term life and invest in growth stock mutual funds with a much much greater return. Any kind of whole life or cash value scheme helps insurance companies make bank…

    1. So if you needed to pay for medical expenses later on in life and take from your investments do you pay taxes? Sure do!

      If you take it from a life insurance with living benefits do you pay taxes? Nope! The expenses are also paid from the insurance portion (face value) not the investment portion.

      No reason you can’t have insurance and investment the money grown in each account is used to accomplish different goals.

      To compare an investment account to an insurance account is like comparing a car to a big rig. Although both are vehicles you wouldn’t compare them because of their intended purpose.

    1. In the sense it can’t be sold or advertised as such and in the literal term. The video refers to investments as an analogy to explain how the cash value works. Also many people consider their life insurance as a figurative investment on the financial well being for them and their families.

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