Low Mintage Silver Bullion Coins. Do they appreciate in value?

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27 thoughts on “Low Mintage Silver Bullion Coins. Do they appreciate in value?”

    1. I consider survival rate more than mintage, Almost all bullion is not going to be taking out of a safe and be used in public leaving them in BU condition and therefore the bullion will retain the mintage. However, a 1916 walking liberty in BU will cost you a crap ton because it is the first year in the series and the survival rate to be in BU is low .

  1. Like you said it’s only low mintage if people are buying it. I would say under 10 thousand is a low mintage but if only 5000 people are buying it than 10 thousand for that coin is a high mintage. So my opinion it’s hard to put a number on low and high mintage coins

  2. Silver Wolverine, I used to focus on low mintage coins when buying bullion. It’s a double edged sword. I will give you my two cents. The price could appreciate but the price could also be stagnant. It depends on the type of coin and demand for it. I have bought coins I thought would appreciate and over the years they have depreciated in value. Then I have bought coins I never thought would appreciate and they have risen in value.

  3. Silver Wolverine, Just some observations, if your talking silver bullion coins. Somali Elephant series seem to be the coin series that seems to appreciate the most or be in demand most at least these days. Chinese Pandas are also very popular especially the early series ( 1980s and 1990s Pandas) so if you have these you can make a significant profit. Australian Kookaburas are also a good series to have especially early dates.

  4. Panda privy kook. Never heard of it.
    If a person follows the top rule of PMs then theyll be ok. That rule is Buy what you like. Right now I like 10 oz and 1kg bars close to spot. And gold. Always liking the GOLD! But like many ppl here I also play around and pu 1oz world coins like the panda ASE and maples along with others. Also tv coins like marvels Simpsons star wars and star trek. I stick to low premium non colored coins. A little color doesn’t mean 3x spot imo.

  5. Very few of my silver stack coins, bullion or otherwise, have appreciated in value. It seems the best time to see any “appreciation” is right after a coin is released and it then gets graded MS70 or 69, then flipped for a profit. Soon thereafter, the coins just seem to hover around spot plus a small premium.

  6. I align to the idea that low mintage really means very little if it isn’t matched with demand. I have only been stacking for a bit over 6 months. If I thought about my worst mistakes, it was buying into modern high premium coins. I haven’t bought many but for that 15oz of higher premium I did buy I have I am pretty sure I will never get a return beyond spot.
    For bullion I intend to keep as close to spot as I can. I do make exception for the historical collector coins I am interested in. These do seem to keep their premium if you know what you are doing.

  7. NO THEY Are Melted Every Thursday -Friday (NO MONEY!)
    Secondary market is dead. COIN Dealer, not coin collectors do
    Not pay $40 a Silver Oz! Try to sell back to Apmex to see 👀LOW Ball Offers.
    WE Have sets of Kooks, but Very Bad 👎Idea 💡 NOT A Investment. PR70s Are Valuable!

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