Mammoth Samsung MINT EVO LED grow light test and review

Buy here: The new Mammoth Lighting Mint White series 6 bar 680 watt LED grow light for a 5×5 grow space. Mammoth have combined cool and warm white Samsung LM301Bs with 660nm deep reds, 730nm far reds and the new Samsung LM301H Mint Evo LEDs.

The Mint Evos shift the blue peak from 450m to 437nm which Samsung report delivers higher photosynthetic efficiency, stimulates production of secondary metabolites and the spectrum inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. See the Samsung video on the new Evo diode plant study: Follow Mammoth on Youtube: @mammothlighting9055 Shop MIGRO ARAY (global shipping): Our Amazon US store (Free US shipping): Bulk orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a quotation Follow us: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:

19 thoughts on “Mammoth Samsung MINT EVO LED grow light test and review”

  1. Ok, just got this light and I’m gonna leave my first impression without actually using this on a grow to inform anyone looking at this light but having problems finding reviews like I was. So I’m not impressed! Lots of complaints so far. 1st – build quality is not great. It’s a little flimsy feeling, the rubber end caps are just glued with a dab of rubber glue and can be peeled back to the glue. 2nd- The hangers for it don’t lock in place in any way. They’re just hooked and resting on pegs and gravity holds them in place. It feels like if the light got bumped it could come off the hangers. 3rd- the rubber glue was all over the light and had I had to rub it off with my hand in multiple places (very unprofessional). 4th- the paperwork in the box is pathetic. Almost no effort. The only information on the light is a folded advertisement showing the par chart and a little info copied from their website. The instructions on anything related to setting up or using this light are almost non existent. It says basically “open box, put hangers on, plug power cords together, plug in wall.” No other paperwork in the box. I double checked cause I couldn’t believe that was all that was in there. For reference I have 3 other lights, an optic 720w, GC 680s, and a migro aray 4. This is the worst built light of the four I have. Opening this light and seeing the product that sells for this price made me want to start my own light company. I guess that’s what is expected when having it built in China but they could at least have it sent to the us for quality control or something. And the design is pretty cheap so that’s not china’s fault. Also one last thing, the box is a full advertisement for the company. It’s like a billboard. Not discreet at all. Bright colors on a black background. No cover of a plain cardboard box mammoth?!? My wife text me “did you get a new tv?” So if you don’t want to broadcast that you’re growing I’d be aware of this.
    So the good about the light so far…..1- the led boards look nice and the light color spectrum looks nice. More of a bluish or crisp white compared to the GC. 2- the light output is bright. I don’t see myself needing anywhere near 100%.
    I will try to come back and give an update after my first grow if I can remember. This thing better produce some great results after the lack of build quality and the lack of effort spent on quality control and design. If not this is not worth the money and there are better lights out there for less money. We’ll see.

  2. Are these just regular lm301h diodes with less of a phosphorus coating? If thats the case, would going back to the old school blurple diodes be more efficient? LM301 diodes with no spectrum changing coating mixed with osram 660nm. Would that be even more efficient?

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