Market Crash Imminent? – WSS Scandal – (Stack Silver & Get Prepared)

Will we see a significant market pullback, or perhaps an accident in the future? Some voices that I think about worth paying attention to have actually been offering some rather threatening cautions recently, so allow’s beware as well as think about the scenario.

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32 thoughts on “Market Crash Imminent? – WSS Scandal – (Stack Silver & Get Prepared)”

  1. Do you really think that you will ever see a time of using your silver as money or for goods like dread and milk or anything, sorry but I think silver is the biggest scam in the history of scams, gold that’s ok , silver = wow can’t believe people have been taken in with this nonsense.

    1. @Smart Silver Stacker Of course the currencies are a scam , having been in the metal market since 1976 I can safely say the silver market is the biggest scam in the history of scams without a doubt, I have all the fact yes facts now there’s something you never hear about silver ,

  2. Im just hoping for lower and lower prices, especially soon since I just got paid. They’re definitely just kicking the can down the road till they have things set in place for a transfer of monetary systems, or we’ve been sold out to other countries by our politicians, and they’re just kicking the can down the road till those countries have wider adoption of their monetary system, which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Great video and points my friend. Please keep these ones coming because I don’t watch TV for a reason but I wouldn’t be aware of current events if it wasn’t for your channel and a handful of others. Thanks

  3. I stopped buying silver for six months to get some bills paid off. Now I only have two bills and I can buy some more. I bought another 5 oz bar and dimes yesterday morning, then the price went up. Maybe I’ll buy some more this afternoon if there’s a good drop 🎉

  4. Didn’t know about the Wall Street Silver controversy. That kind of s#cks! Their channel brought a lot of ‘new blood’ into the community. Hopefully it doesn’t tarnish their name too badly. Thanks for the heads-up. I do think there will be a BIG pullback on the horizon. Nobody knows when. I’m hoping to pick up paper metals at that point. Physical, like you say, is another story.

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