Metal Detecting Finds Silver Coins at Old Farm on Mountain com/watch? v= huVl1A0C69U

#metaldetecting #treasurehunting #coincollecting LONG method from residence we located our self in addition to a hill where a home was constructed in 1815! This area method definitely gorgeous. The proprietors informed us it had actually been discovered prior to and also very little was located. After a lengthy day at door knocking without good luck we wished to attempt anyhow. It was really slow-moving to begin, however we wound up searching for 3 silver coins and also a couple of great antiques! My various other Channel! (Mental Health Day). The Hoover Boys Gear on BEST Deals on Treasure Hunting devices: Cheap Kids Metal Detectors: Best Beginner Metal Detectors: Pinpointers: Headphones: Magnet Fishing Gear: Gold Prospecting Equipment: Metal Detectors we utilize and also suggest:. All Garrett Metal Detectors: Garrett AT MAX (THB Favorite): Garrett Ace Apex: Garrett AT Pro: Garrett AT Gold: Garrett ATX: All Minelab Metal Detectors: Minelab Equinox 800 (THB Favorite): Minelab Equinox 600: Minelab CTX 3030: Minelab GPX 5000: Minelab Excaliber II: XP Deus (THB Favorite): Garrett Waterproof Pinpointer: Garrett Waterproof w/ Z-Link Pinpointer (THB Favorite): NEL Search Coils: Tornado (THB Favorite) All Sand Scoops: Quest Scoopal Sand Scoop (THB Favorite): Used Metal Detectors: Ground Penetrating Radar: Waterproof Camera’s:. Olympus TG5: GoPro Hero 7 Black: Amazon items we utilize and also suggest: Olight Flashlights: 10% off things not currently for sale code: EM0629. Other equipment we utilize:. Predator Tools:Ranger Digger Predatortools com. Buzz Wilson Bomb Sheath (Pinpointer & Hand Digger):


20 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Finds Silver Coins at Old Farm on Mountain”

  1. Cool silvers, but the story of the day is the 100-year birthday party! That’s awesome! I saw a lot of wings in that picture. Lots of pilots!
    Hey, I finally made it to your brother’s coffee shop! He wasn’t working but I met your sister-in-law. She was very nice and told my wife and I about your nickname: Uncle Farty! That’s the best way to keep the young’uns entertained.

  2. You should video the stories of your grandfather even if just to pass them on to generations to your family. My dad would have been 99 this year. I wish we would have had the ability when my folks were still living to record their stories. Thank him for his service.

  3. Thank the the Good Lord for men like your Grandfather! It’s because of men like him we are still speaking English! Happy birthday Sir, hope you have many-many more! Great hunt by the way, I really enjoyed watching you making Tiff’s day! Be happy, have fun!

  4. AWESOME, FINALLY DIRT. I’M 71 YRS YOUNG AND LOVED SEEING THE PART ON YOUR GRANDAD. Sorry about the caps but I’m dragging because it’s 1 AM. awesome property I hope y’all were in Virginia. Please let me know the next time you are. Great channel I’ve been watching it for years. Take care, Vern in Virginia

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