Metal detecting in wales : Silver coins, Roman pottery, Bones and More! .com/watch?v=8Ep5UASy1Jg

Metal detecting in wales with Jonathan and Matt. Silver comes up aswell as some other good bits! We used 2 Equinox 800’s and 2 Xp Deus metal detectors. It was very WET but we were persistent and kept going! #metaldetecting #treasurehunting #bestfinds

19 thoughts on “Metal detecting in wales : Silver coins, Roman pottery, Bones and More!”

  1. Awesome video and there’s my buddy Johnathan. The small ring looks like most of the ones I find that are old harness rings or juntion strap rings. Not too up on bones but it looks like it’s a dead one lol. Shame about the pocket watch. Some nice finds for Johnathan with that Silver Bullhead and the buckle fragments and another Silver too. Boom! Get In! Ah hate those Ring pulls lol. Love the bag seal and coin weight. I always take a small hand towel when detecting on muddy days like that, not that I have been out much lately lol. Great to see you all together at the cottage having fun and a few drinks playing with the drone. Looking forward to the next video

    ATB GL & HH
    LittleJohn_MD πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    1. It was an awesome weekend john! Jonathan is a real gentleman and it was a pleasure to spend some quality time with him and to get to know him a little more!. Thanks for the kind comment buddy and I’m loving your channel by the way so keep up the amazing work. Wishing you the very best πŸ‘Œ

      Best regards… dave

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