Michael Pento – A Recession Is Coming, Time to Get Out of Harm’s Way

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SBTV spoke with Michael Pento, president and founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, about the Fed’s futile efforts to control inflation and why it’s time to get out of harm’s way with a recession on the horizon. Michael Pento’s website: https://pentoport.com Discussed in this interview: 00:00 Introduction 02:07 Inflation reduction act 05:43 We need growth 09:01 Stocks overvalued 14:06 Fed’s gonna break something soon 16:57 Yield curve inverted again 18:55 Anticipating the Fed’s likely playbook for the next crisis 22:10 Gold will suffer 24:30 Recession ahead Buy & store gold and silver with Silver Bullion: https://www.silverbullion.com.sg​​ Silver Bullion Investor Kit: https://bit.ly/35ujSB1​​ Silver Bullion Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilverBullionPL Silver Bullion Instagram: @silverbullionsg

21 thoughts on “Michael Pento – A Recession Is Coming, Time to Get Out of Harm’s Way”

  1. The Fed does not have to increase interest rates for a recession to occur. Recessions occur because people use their income to pay back their debts instead of buying stuff. They spent their loans during the boom phase. Same with businesses. Or they default on their loans. Then comes the bust and it is always because of debt. A recession is inevitable regardless of interest rates.

    Peter de Luca: Economist

  2. Raising Taxes to reducing inflation is a classic Keynesian concept. The trick for Dims is how. By enlisting an army (armed) to seek out tax chests (read self employed and mom and pop’s) the FBI Gestapo can rest easy knowing they’re going after mostly Republicans.

  3. Pento calling for LOWER Interest rates, when they just passed another $700+T spending bill, that will INCREASE Inflation, NOT reduce it???? He’s a Kensington Economists with that fu*cked up thinking that got us into this shit show. Please ask Gregory Mannirino on as as guest to get the real TRUTH. Your last two guest don’t have a clue!

  4. Look how RICH the average person is now’ house price inflation gone to the moon’ you’s are loaded’ why are you not doing cartwheels when you get up each morning’ guess what its all one massive False economy and your innit’ now its payback time’ hope you enjoyed your false wealth

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