Million buck gold coins discovered in yard #treasure #gold #coin #money #shorts

com/watch? v= GgnxL9eutpA

25 thoughts on “Million buck gold coins discovered in yard #treasure #gold #coin #money #shorts”

    1. @juna albafarajย 
      Go buy a gold metal detector that way, it won’t pick up Junk like pop cans.
      And It will be detected through Metals like tin cans.
      Can you imagine if this was you and you found all of this you’re be set for life just think you what you would do with it. It’s like starting your life all over again.
      I don’t know how old you are but I’m a Senior and I sure wouldn’t mind starting my life all over lol
      I would get rid of everything that I own except For what’s important to me..
      And then after I give up everything away I would try to build a shelter for the Working homeless. Because it would feel unfair to me to keep all that money because I never had it before.
      Yes That’s a chance in a lifetime. It’s so rare and unbelievable you think after you watch this it was a fake video because hold often does this happen. I hope nobody tries to claim it because I think there might be a law In your country.

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