Modern Gold Bullion vs Pre 1933 Gold

Modern Gold Bullion or pre 1933 Gold? Which is the very best kind of gold for you? What are the advantages of each? In this video clip, I discuss all this as well as a lot more. Thanks for viewingCampbell’s Coins

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I pile silver as well as gold to hedge versus our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based economic climate that I am persuaded remains in deep problem. Consider piling silver as well as gold on your own to aid you develop as well as protect wide range. And thanks for viewing Campbell’s Coins!

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25 thoughts on “Modern Gold Bullion vs Pre 1933 Gold”

  1. I have two pieces of pre-33… from long ago gifts. However, since becoming a stacker, all my bought pieces are/will be bullion coins, AGEs and quarter oz – one from each of the major bullion producing countries. The odd weight of gold contained in the pre-33 messes with my ocd tendencies too much. lol

  2. Executive orders aren’t law so you didnt “have” to turn it in but we know how the government can be quite persuasive. Also you could keep any coin that was a collector coin, mean any coin worth more then it’s face value so once they raised the price to $35 all coins became collector coins

  3. After the government paid $25 an ounce from the gold citizens turned in and then raised the spot to $35 I bet the people that hid their gold coins and didn’t turn them in were happy they buried or hid them ! I always wonder if they’ll ever do that again don’t think our governments not above it they’ve already proved they could do it before… good thing I don’t own any gold 😉! But again it’s voluntary they don’t know what you own and don’t think Bitcoin is a safe haven we seen Russia and Canada the government and big Tech take people’s Bitcoin so again if you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it. Great video bro

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