Again it was a pleasure having Mr. Beast commission us to make the gold, silver and bronze Olympic Medals for his Beast Games.

Melted the gold already, but wanted to put the diamond from the silver medal, and ruby from the bronze medal to use and make some engagement rings. #TraxNYC #mrbeast #engagement #Rings #Jewelry #beastgames

17 thoughts on “@MrBeast BEAST MEDALS TO ENGAGEMENT RINGS!! #shorts”

  1. That’s just smart marketing and business! Tell the winners I will buy the medals back from them if they want the cash, less then they were sold for of course! Get Mr.Beast exposure and then reuse the gems to market to his fans! Plus get the gold/silver value! Genius!

  2. What’s bullshiiiittt about this is that you can do that and not cut or polish it still get over top dollar for it when we do it you clowns don’t take it unless it’s been cut polished and sanded down till it’s almost worth nothing it’s actual bullshhhiiittttt

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