My Favourite Gold Coins, Sovereigns And More


What’s your favourite coin? Anything you have your eye on? Thanks for watching, looking forwards to chatting in the comments. Would you like a free 1 oz Silver Britannia on your next gold order? Currently Bullion By Post have a referral offer if you sign up through my link and make a qualifying order as a new customer. Alternatively use code ‘T7X33BY4’ when you’re signing up to the website in the ‘how you heard about us’ section. Multi Use Capsules with foam insert 22.5mm Capsules (Sovereign, 0.25 oz Britannia etc) Coin Tube (Sovs and 0.25 oz inside capsules) 2 oz Queen’s and Tudor Beast Silver Coin Capsule 39mm Coin Capsules (1 oz Silver Britannia recent years etc) 33mm Coin Capsules (Gold 1oz Britannia recent years) Digital Measuring Caliper Digital Scales (small) Tough Storage Case Leather ยฃ1 Coin Holder (The blue and red ones I have in the videos, note I don’t store coins in these long term they’re more for show in the video but haven’t done any damage) This video should not be taken as financial advice and is for entertainment only As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on some of the above links.

45 thoughts on “My Favourite Gold Coins, Sovereigns And More”

  1. Iโ€™ve had 4 krugerrands and they where all 1974 must be a very high mintage coin what are those fancy coin tubes ??? Those are sweet still donโ€™t have any Gold sovereigns yet but I need some (ok wants some ๐Ÿ˜‚) the stack is looking great bro

  2. Have you any proof coins at all? I got a good deal on some proof 1/2 Sovereigns from 2002, 2005, 2021… bought at an average of around ยฃ2000 / oz. Seen the new release today for the 2022 memorial sovereigns… they work out at over ยฃ3100 / oz! Proofs are also harder to shift, dealers low ball you on them. I’m with you on sticking to best value sovereigns.

    1. I have a couple and have had a few in the past. I don’t like all the boxes and things that come with and I prefer just to work with the gold value of a bullion coin than speculation as to what premium a proof would be. They can do really well but I am more a stacker than collector

    1. I browse a few dealers and a couple of offline coin shops and then the 2nd hand market from time to time too. Dealers prices have been s bit up and down recently. I think HGM had best prices yesterday but depends what you’re looking for and stock levels it changes often.

  3. The Austrian Philharmonic for me followed by the US Buffalo. Sensible premiums on the stunning Phili’s and ridiculously high on the Buffalo’s, but you need to be top heavy on Royal Mint coins just in case HMRC get their dirty little mitts on our hard earned stacks with their Capital Gains shenanagans!!! ๐Ÿคฌ

  4. I’m of half British descent and live in the states. My mother was a British war bride back in the day. Anyway I luv the sovereigns. Unfortunately they not popular over here and I’m afraid of them being hard to liquidate. I’m 61 and have to be careful of my purchases. I would luv to own that 2022 rose gold sovereign though. I luv the color and think it’s beautiful. I do enjoy when you show your stack. Take care and thankyou

  5. From what I’ve seen of your collection, we share a lot of our tastes in gold coins. Even though I’m a Yank, I have a great affinity for the British bullion. Especially the QB series, the TB series and the Britannias. I just bought a quarter ounce Red Dragon of Wales, that I’ve been trying to get ahold of for many moons, and that made me super happy. I think I would like the AGEs more if the premiums weren’t so crazy. Being a bit of a history buff I also really like the LMU’s and the myriad of years and countries that are available. (Swiss Helvetia is my favorite of those or perhaps the Gallic Rooster) not to mention the great premiums. I’m still rather new at this, having only started stacking earlier this year, but I am so thrilled by my new hobby that I can see it being a major way of life and something that I can leave to my kids when my number is up. Anyway thanks for the great content and as always, forever endeavor my friend.

    1. Fantastic. The LMU is a very deep rabbit hole to go down ๐Ÿ˜ Loads of options for collecting there and some nice historic coins. I’m surprised the Age has such high premiums in gold. We’re lucky in the UK in the sense that it’s usual to be able to pick up gold at low premiums (3 to 5% without much searching usually) recently though some premiums have got a bit lively on some coins

  6. still love your sov’s I just got another 1915 over here the other day its a lot slower for me as the dealers want tax so i only grab them when I can et them in the secondary market. But 5 more and I will have my 20 I wanted there a little popular over in Canada. Are those old time sovereign holders from the day? when people use to use them as everyday money. Those are something I never see over her. I love the old Britts as well I think they should do some different designs again would add some variety. Cheers

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