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22 thoughts on “My “TOP 10” Silver Coins”

  1. Hi, I quite new to buying investment coins (have purchased a gold pamp bar last year), I justed wanted to know your thoughts between paying a premium when it comes to coins vs bars (less premium when purchasing). Isn’t it more cost efficient buying bars vs coins?

    1. John Smith here in Canada it’s quite easy , any gold or silver that’s from a sovern government mint has a set price when selling, it’s posted on the dealers websites usually, I’d actually take a bigger loss on ASEs premiums compared to maples or brittanias… And we are not taxed on precious metals, so that’s not a part of the equation… YET lol

  2. As my priority, at least at this point, is liquidity above all else, I only have a top 2. Those would be the Maple leafs, and the Eagles. However, if I had over 7000 ounces, I think at that point, I could afford to venture into some other designs, just to keep things interesting. I find the dragon piece particularly striking.

  3. Agreed on Britannia Nathan design, a classic and these are the core stack coins as you say the workhorse, in gold these have low liquidation costs with dealers, instantly liquid and capital gains free, which is the core reason for the increased interest in coins. 2008 was the year when everyone woke up to the possibility fiat could crash. Whereas we had CDO CDs abs siv all private bank bust we now have central banks do the same thing with zirp qe ltro twist and massive swap lines. They all add up to pump way more credit into the system than justified and that has consequences that are becoming clearer each year.

  4. Hey shadowstack, I’m new to the game, but I just saw the new ruthenium & 24 carat gold coated silver Britannia and a few other popular silver coin designs. They look pretty good but what’s your thoughts on these coins, are they worth the premium their asking? Will they appreciate/deprecate? Thanks love the show! Cheers from across the pond.

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