Nearly 5 million Canadians do not have family physician|Health treatment dilemma

Dr Marla Shapiro describes what you require to understand about Canada’s medical professional lack as well as the primary factors creating it.

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13 thoughts on “Nearly 5 million Canadians do not have family physician|Health treatment dilemma”

  1. The reason why is doctors are not the same as they where ten year as ago what I mean is when you go and get help from a doctor they help you by talking to you spending time to help you now when you going there you are treated like you are a number get in get out

  2. Just got back from the doctor with my special needs person was told by the doctor that ho you’re late your appointment was at 12:20 and it’s 12:40 and your appointment was from 12:20 til 22:40 so they give 10 minutes to see a patient really it’s soo bad here in Quebec and also as I see in Ontario they rush appointments you see different doctors different clinics and they don’t even bother looking at the patient history on there computer horrible.

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