NEW Coin Shop: Village Coins (Rare Vintage Silver)

Village Coins is a NEW coin shop. It’s the owner, Mike’s satellite shop in Hickory Hills, Illinois. The shop may be small, but it contains plenty of silver bullion and numismatic coins. In this video, I speak with the owner Mike and his right hand man, Bruce. Bruce has a passion for interesting collector silver, including vintage silver. The 5 oz Engelhard he has for sale is very nice. And in case you’re wondering, I left the shop without it, so it may be up for grabs. You’ll have to give them a call. As always, thanks for watching another one of my coin shop videos. To see more, check out the COIN SHOP playlist below. Thanks! T Want to support my efforts to bring you videos like this one by becoming a channel member? Click here: If you enjoy this video, be sure to take a look at my COIN SHOP Videos Playlist:

Village Coins Address: 9241 Roberts Rd Hickory Hills, IL Village Coins Phone: 708-650-0266 Feel free to send mail: T. Stacker P.O. Box 695 Crown Point, IN 46308 Visit my new website: Instagram: Facebook: Disclaimer: T the Silver Stacker LLC’s video’s typically consist of conversations surrounding education regarding and the acquisition of, but not limited to the following: silver, gold, platinum, silver coins, generic silver rounds, collectible silver rounds, fractional gold coins, pre-33 gold coins, ancient coins, American Silver Eagles, Perth Mint Coins, Mexican Silver Libertads, Fractional Libertads, Proof Libertads, Mexican silver Onzas, junk aka constitutional silver, silver bars, vintage silver rounds, platinum, vintage silver bars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, paper currency, coin collecting in general, silver spot price, gold spot price, coin shops, coin dealers, coin shop videos, how to sell silver, how to sell gold, and more. Please understand that although the conversation frequently touches on the state of the economy and how it affects the accumulation of precious metals (stacking), T the Silver Stacker is no way shape or form a financial advisor. Glean what you will from the silver stacking philosophy shared, but ultimately the viewer is responsible for making their own decisions. Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that provide me a very small commission at no additional charge to those who use them. #silverstacking #engelhard #coinshop #silver #localcoinshop #coincollecting #preciousmetals #spotprice #silverspotprice #vintagesilver

40 thoughts on “NEW Coin Shop: Village Coins (Rare Vintage Silver)”

  1. Another great video T. These seem like good dudes. I know Hickory Hills well. Silver is definitely going to pop β€” just a matter of when. The 5 oz. Engelhard is sweet. I love the higher premium collectible stuff. Especially the slabs! You snagged an Engelhard…. Say it isn’t so. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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