New SILVER HEAP Additions

This week, I grabbed one more 26 oz of silver. Some of this silver is licensed as well as rated. I’ll reveal you some awesome pick-ups from Germania Mint, in addition to some awesome Libertad as well as American Silver Eagle coins that I’ve contributed to the pile. I wish you appreciate the video clip, as well as please do not neglect to such as as well as subscribe! Helpful Links:. Monument Metals:. Air- tites for 1 oz Gold Eagles as well as Buffalos:. Nice Slab Holder for NGC as well as PCGS Coins Please sign up for the network. @Weekly BULLION ✅. WRECK suchButton Sound theBell Thanks for your assistance!. Email: [email protected]. Epic Photos On Instagram: PLEASE NOTE:. 1. This network is for enjoymentOnly 2. When I share rare-earth elements concepts, I’m just sharing what I am directly doing, NOT what you ought to do. 3. My concepts might not make good sense for your individual or monetary circumstance. 4. Many of my concepts are downright insane!. 5. Instead of following my lead, PLEASE Do Your Own Research! #silver #gold #preciousmetals #subscribe

17 thoughts on “New SILVER HEAP Additions”

    1. Yes, I agree. My understanding is it started late in 1986 (November I believe – correct me if I’m wrong). But ‘87 allowed for a full year of production. I just returned from my local coin show this morning, and I couldn’t find any 86s out there. Tough to come by!

  1. Some really gorgeous additions to the collection buddy. Im really hoping to find a reverse proof Libertad and RP type 1 and type 2 eagle set sometime (won’t be able to afford all 3 coins at the same time) but the eBays secondary market prices are insane so I’m hoping to find someone in the community that has an extra they’d be willing to find a deal that both people walk away happy, and not completely broke lol, so that being said I’d prefer them not to be graded for the fact they’d be a bit cheaper. I think it may have been me who would like to have the 87 for my birth year but I’m on a limited income so all my money is going toward getting to my base weight goal before feeling comfortable getting higher premium stuff, higher than around $27 an oz, of course other than the reverse proof coins. I just think I haven’t seen a sexier coin in my life than those. Great video and beautiful pieces my friend.

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