New Zealand’s Modern-Day Dystopia; The Imposition of Medical Tyranny

New Zealand’s Modern-Day Dystopia; The Imposition of Medical Tyranny


Banned, ‘New Dawn’ Magazine Censored, and also the New Prime Minister Once Suggested Hunting Down the Unvaccinated, So What Could Go Possibly Wrong?

There is an intriguing relationship in New Zealand in between outlawing Semi-Automatic Weapons, its Covid -19 lockdowns and also currently censorship of a prominent information publication called ‘New Dawn’ which feels like old times. In various other words, New Zealand has actually ended up being a Nazi- influenced authorities state that occurred previously and also throughout World War II that would certainly have made Adolf Hitler exceptionally pleased.

New Zealand enforced a restriction on primarily all semi-automatic tools after what was taken into consideration a terrorist strike called the Christchurch Mosque capturings What was unusual concerning the mosque strike was that the video clip was considered unlawful which any individual that watched or downloaded and install the video clip would certainly be prosecuted.

Why is it unlawful to see a video clip based upon among one of the most destructive fear assaults in New Zealand’s background?

Maybe the authorities did not desire the general public to see the video clip since they may have wrapped up that the bloodbath was an evident incorrect flag procedure in order to prohibit man in the streets from having lawful guns in their property, and also possibly it was the begin of a censorship regimen to prohibit alternate wire service from subjecting globalist strategies, federal government corruption and also its continuous lies on the safety and security of the Covid -19 injections.

On March 20, 2019, Reuters released ‘New Zealand outlaws army kind semi-automatic tools utilized in mosque bloodbath’ reported that “New Zealand will certainly prohibit military-style semi-automatic and also attack rifles under hard brand-new weapon regulations complying with the murder of 50 individuals in its worst mass capturing, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed on Thursday.” The record points out the amount of guns are possessed by honest people:

New Zealand, a nation of less than 5 million individuals, has actually an approximated 1.2-1.5 million guns, concerning 13,500 of them MSSA-type tools. Most farmers possess weapons while searching of deer, pigs and also goats is preferred. Gun clubs and also shooting arrays populate the nation.

That has actually produced an effective entrance hall that has actually warded off previous efforts to tighten up weapon regulations. Federated Farmers, which stand for hundreds of farmers, claimed it sustained the brand-new regulations. “This will not be preferred amongst several of our participants however … our company believe this is the only possible remedy,” a team representative, Miles Anderson, claimed in a declaration

Why do I think it was a false-flag procedure? Author T.J. Coles made the situation in New Dawn publication’s Special Issue Vol.16 No.6 in a short article entitled ‘The Strange Story of Brenton Tarrant’ explains Tarrant’s history as succeeding on cryptocurrencies to his trips around the globe consisting of Latin America, Europe, North Korea and also alsoUkraine

While he remained in Ukraine, Coles claimed that the “Elements of the neo-Nazi Ukrainian attire, the National Defense Organization (Carpathian Sich), supposedly equated Tarrant’s white supremacist policy, The Great Replacement.” Tarrant apparently sent out duplicates of his policy to federal government authorities in New Zealand and also the media. Roughly twenty mins prior to the capturing, “Tarrant (or supposed) published on the online discussion forum 8chan of his strategy to livestream the bloodbath.” The summary of the capturing was as adheres to:

It was reported that at roughly 1:40 pm neighborhood time, Tarrant gotten in Al Noor Mosque, capturing 42 individuals dead. Upon leaving, Tarrant purportedly fired one more individual on the sidewalk prior to driving to the Linwood Mosque, whereupon the livestream supposedly reduced

The authorities jailed Tarrant prior to he can proceed his strategy to “fire” much more worshippers at theAshburton Mosque Coles clarifies the occasions that led New Zealand authorities to prohibit the murder video clip:

Social media took extraordinary, worked with actions of subduing uploads of the murder video clip. Within hrs, the international Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism had actually discovered 800 various variations of the video clip. The video clips are badly pixelated for the normally top quality Go Pro. They reveal heaps of remains prior to Tarrant had actually also gotten in specific locations of the mosque. The motions of individuals portrayed are impossibly quick

Coles asked an official concern, “Was the bloodbath a genuine occasion carried out by unique pressures, however the video clip counterfeit and also created to make resemble a solitary awesome?” He proceeded “With the exemption of the worshipper that purportedly claimed to Tarrant, “Welcome bro,” no face identifications, apart from Tarrant’s, can be recognized.”

Coles attached all the dots which all brings about a conspiratorial truth, and also the initial dot is Stephen Millar that was jailed ” unarmed” beyond Papanui secondary school using combat disorder however below is where the tale ends up being unusual, “But the Daily Mail reported: Police “launched [Millar] that had actually taken a weapon as security when he mosted likely to get his children from college.” This brings about one more attaching dot as defined by Coles:

One of the Noor Mosque survivors, Adrian Wright, claimed that he utilized his Navy training to take onTarrant Wright becomes a deck police officer that had actually benefited exclusive marine protection business. The existence of a maritime protection professional establishes the pattern proceeded in the Bærum Mosque capturing [Norway], purportedly by Phillip Manshaus, whose bloodbath was supposedly avoided by a worshipper, Mohammed Rafiq, that takes place to be an ex-spouse-Pakistani Air Force serviceman. All really unusual

According to a short article released on ‘After terrorist scary, principal censor opens: ‘The globe can be a really ruthless and also harsh location’ New Zealand’s Chief Censor David Shanks claimed that the bloodbath at the Christchurch Mosque was ” most likely one of the most unsafe media occasion ever before caused on individuals of one country.” And easily, they made it unlawful to see the video clip.

A False-Flag and also Then Comes the Weapons Ban

It appears that the federal government utilized the Christchurch Mosque capturings to prohibit semi-automatic tools and also various other guns to ensure that the honest people of New Zealand can not safeguard themselves versus a future totalitarian federal government under the careful eye of the World Economic Forum ( WEF).

The occasions causing what I call “The Plandemic” is remarkable. Following the tools restriction, the unimaginable occurred, among the most dangerous conditions recognized to male, Covid -19 however I should focus that Thank God for a 100% cotton facemask that conserved mankind, (obviously I’m being ironical) so they applied making use of facemasks or what I such as call ‘face baby diapers and also social distancing policies complied with by federal government guided “lockdowns” and also individuals of New Zealand were primarily helpless.

Then as Covid -19 spread, the authorities revealed those that examined favorable ( from the unreliable RT-PCR screening packages) for Covid -19 would certainly be put in “Hotel Quarantines” or what ought to be appropriately called “prisoner-of-war camp.’ As reported on August 13 th, 2020, by Yahoo News ‘Coronavirus: New Zealand’s remarkable quarantine action as break out expands’:

New Zealand will certainly place all favorable instances of coronavirus in the nation right into resort quarantine. There are currently 36 instances of the infection in New Zealand with 13 in Auckland alone. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed on Thursday she anticipated that collection to expand.

Ms Ardern included the collection of instances was “severe however being managed in an immediate however tranquil and also technical means”. Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield informed press reporters on Thursday all instances of COVID-19 were “to be taken care of in a quarantine center”

Censorship in New Zealand: New Dawn publication Banned in Major Bookstores

In 2020, the New Zealand government-imposed net censorship regulation which has actually managed them the power to censor supposed “hazardous material”, however a public reaction happened, and also the authorities terminated the legal regulation. However, the New Zealand federal government wished to develop an organization to research and also identify anything they regard disinformation, false information or what we usually call publicity which’s where companies such as ‘The Disinformation Project’ which is undoubtedly a government-funded entity can be found in.

One of the publications that is presently targeted for censorship that they ultimately desire prohibited in all book shops and also somewhere else in New Zealand is called New Dawn publication

Another write-up by Stuff based upon the The Disinformation Project ‘Whitcoulls supplies publication pitching mosque fear strike conspiracy theory’ declared that “Nationwide book shop Whitcoulls is marketing a publication pitching a variety of anti-vax conspiracy theories and also insinuating the Christchurch mosque fear strike was a “incorrect flag” procedure.” The write-up claimed that ” one problem includes a two-page write-up concerning the Christchurch mosque shooter, recommending he had not been the criminal of the 2019 fear strike that declared the lives of 51 Muslim worshippers” however Kate Hannah, the supervisor of The Disinformation Project or that I would certainly call the lead principal expert for censorship ” claimed several of the discourse in New Dawn was borderline in legitimacy.”

Kate Hannah is the supervisor of The Disinformation Project, which is a Principal Investigator with Te Pūnaha Matatini, a think-tank based in Aotearoa New Zealand Centre for study for complicated systems which is ” moneyed by the Tertiary Education Commission and also organized by the University of Auckland”, simply put, they are moneyed by federal government entities. Hannah is additionally a PhD prospect at the Centre for Science and also Society at Te Herenga Waka which is based in Victoria University ofWellington

Te Pūnaha Matatini is referred to as a location where ” the gathering place of lots of faces” where they unite ” scientists from tertiary organizations, federal government institutes, economic sector organisations and also marae areas from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.” However, an independent reporter by the name of Chantelle asked a concern on what Hannah called the “Disinformation Dozen” and also that moneyed The Disinformation Project Chantelle emphasized complied with by a concern:

I have actually invested the in 2014 talking with a great deal of individuals undoubtedly that protest the requireds and also asking their point of view, and also seeing a various point of view, to simply the federal government story and also its truly intriguing and also I need to state there is a deep, deep, deep distinction in between what the federal government was claiming concerning individuals and also their real intents and also I assume directly, to me when I have actually fulfilled 10s of hundreds of these individuals, the top point that individuals maintained returning to is that the federal government maintained not providing individuals details and also allowing them comprise their very own minds up and also providing exact details to the largest degree and also not enabling various perspectives.

Which implies that it polarized individuals. And an instance of this is, we have main details acts that reveal that Jacinda Ardern honestly existed to everyone in New Zealand and also the media when she claimed, we’re ruling out injection passes, and also she had actually currently been oriented on what the pass would certainly resemble.

So, if individuals see this details, after that they see the federal government existing to them. And undoubtedly that simply expands bigger inquiries around what else they perhaps be existing concerning? And if it has to do with health and wellness. Why are we not checking out points like much healthier consuming? Why are we not reducing GST on these things? Why are we not urging individuals to obtain outdoors?

These are the sorts of inquiries individuals have. Why are we not speaking about therapies, it’s simply injections? I assume the entire neighborhood has a great deal of inquiries, and also instead of addressing them, they’re informed that they are dumb or unnecessary. I understand the Maori neighborhood … “

Then Hannah inserts and also asks, “So what’s your inquiries Chantelle”? Chantelle asked “So, I am worried, that I assume we are seeing federal government publicity, continually, and also it’s just complying with a specific story. Do you assume the federal government has done a precise work of standing for all sides of this debate and also providing individuals adequate deepness in adequate research studies?”

Hannah after that claimed, ” I’m not the federal government, regretfully.”Chantelle reacted, ” you’re moneyed by the federal government however.” Hannah after that sardonically claimed, “Am I? Who are you moneyed by Chantelle? “Honestly, Independent people” Chantelle responded.Kate Hannah’s feedback was an evident lie when she declared, “So am I, currently I’m moneyed mostly by my other half in fact to be totally sincere. You have actually reached do, what you have actually reached do.”

Well, ok, I presume her other half pays the incomes of the various other scientists and also most likely pays the rental fee also. Later in the video clip, Hannah quickly finished her speech by refuting Chantelle’s friend, a researcher that was elevating his hand to ask a concern and also Hannah claimed ” umm, most likely not keen to take inquiries from Chantelle’s friend to be completely sincere.” The video clip of the fight was generated by Operation People, and also it is called ‘Why did she flee? Watch as Kate Hannah is doubted concerning her federal government moneyed study’ View the complete video clip below.

So, we understand Kate Hannah and also The Disinformation Project is an arm of the federal government’s censorship regimen.

Not just the federal government’s censorship is a significant trouble for individuals of New Zealand, allow’s simply state, rubbing salt in the wound, the new Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins made a declaration back in July 2021 on those that were unvaccinated and also claimed that the federal government will certainly begin primarily searching down people and also compel them to take the Covid -19 stab.

” I assume very early following year we’ll remain in the stage of chasing after out individuals that have not step forward to obtain their inoculation, or missed their reservations and so forth” which ” I desire every New Zealander ahead ahead, however human habits recommends that there will certainly be some individuals that we in fact need to truly head out and also try to find, and also several of that might splash right into following year …”

The New Zealand Government is Imposing Medical Tyranny

The New Zealand federal government has actually ended up being a de-facto clinical authorities state. They have actually prohibited people from lawfully having guns, they have actually censured the alternate media and also totally free speech, and also they have actually executed a clinical tyranny that will certainly try to apply requireds on its people to take hazardous, deadly Covid -19 injections, it seems like Nazi-Germany born-again. What follows?

Unmarked vans with federal government ruffians worn black attires that will abduct lobbyists on the road and also by force position them in “Hotel Quarantine camps”?Will they go door-to-door compeling injections on the unvaccinated?

New Zealand appears to be the radiating instance for the WEF, and also their ludicrous prepare for the remainder of the globe. The individuals of New Zealand are beginning to awaken to the fraud which is why the federal government prohibited people from having guns, censored the alternate media since they comprehend that when individuals understand the fact, there is no reversing.

The federal government of New Zealand and also their WEF trainers are interested in alternate information resources such as ‘New Dawn’ publication presently offered in some book shops and also online that subjects the realities on the Christchurch capturings, on the actual threats of Covid -19 injections and also various other vital newspaper article such as exactly how the United States and also its Western companions sustain the Nazis inUkraine

It’s noticeable that the facility is shedding the details battle which’s why they fund The Disinformation Project as some kind of reputable establishment to censor actual information that the general public demands to remain educated. The globe requires to pay attention to what is occurring toNew Zealand The individuals of New Zealand ae sufferers of the Globalist cabal that desire complete control over mankind. Let’s assistance the liberty competitors of New Zealand, assistance New Dawn publication obtain words out.

Timothy Alexander Guzman creates on his very own blog website, Silent Crow News, where this write-up was initially released

You can in fact join the international initiatives to maim the Deep State arranged criminal cabal’s capability for genocide, while appreciating medical care liberty at the very same time, by boycotting Big Pharma completely.

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