Nicola Sturgeon arrested amid SNP finances inquiry

It’s been a great weekend for sunbathers and for Labour. In England the Conservative party is busy tearing itself to pieces over the fate of Boris Johnson and in Scotland the chaos around the SNP is refreshing Labour hopes of winning back much needed seats in the next general election. (Subscribe: The turmoil inside Scotland’s ruling party blasted back into the headlines today with Nicola Sturgeon’s arrest. Keme Nzerem has the details. ———————– Follow us: Facebook – Twitter – TikTok – Instagram –

15 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon arrested amid SNP finances inquiry”

  1. Call me conspiratorial, but I firmly believe she’s been ousted by blackmail, or discovered something she couldn’t deal with. The abruptness and lack of clear enough reason for her resignation is very odd and It’s got to have been something pretty serious to outweigh the sense of duty to her people she’s always shown.

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