Odisha’s Well being Minister Naba Kisore Das shot within the chest and succumbed to accidents



28 thoughts on “Odisha’s Well being Minister Naba Kisore Das shot within the chest and succumbed to accidents”

    1. @Atheist Why is it fine? Because you think he was bad. To be honest I think there is a 99.99999999 percent chance he was. But my thought is that taking decisions like this will causr higher problems.

      Say for example I and the man are both devotees of God. Then say an atheist kills this man. I get angry. I say all atheists are bad. Then my gundas go out to beat all atheists including you who did nothing. See what I am trying to say. I am not saying that this was the case here. But I hope you get the example.

      In a court case, it is usually not taken like this. So court cases can be better and more peaceful even if the verdict is hang to death.

      Of course as you said to Himanshu. Democracy is not followed by these people and that is a problem.

    2. @Himanshu Kumar then pray that , tere mom aur behen ke saat yeh saari cheez ho..tab tu gandhiji ban aur bol, let the criminal live..
      News mei padhna alag baat hai aur apne maa aur behen ke saat hona alag baat hai..
      Teri patni ke saat jab hoga tab tu bol

    3. ​​​@Himanshu Kumarm from M.P. as well and although rape is worse than corruption, corruption itself is not a small crime. In Singrauli, lakhs of people are forced to consume toxic chemicals and die in pain because of corruption. More than 1000 people have been killed due to vyapam scam.
      I’m not saying Naba Das was corrupt. But even if he was it’s wrong to take matters of justice in our hand but sometimes people get agitated due to long wait and faulty process.

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