Old World Silver coins – are they any good? IFF #158

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=fPusYYdCMrY

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26 thoughts on “Old World Silver coins – are they any good? IFF #158”

  1. Never say never. History repeats, it may not be soon, but I would bet they will indeed be used again. For most of history we have used this type of money. Infact Texas as well as other US States have made gold legal tender for all forms of payment. You can debit your gold holdings from a card or withdraw the physical bullion as well.

  2. I love old coins…I have a Georgian crown and a half franc from 1834 as well as a few Netherlands 10 cents coins which are really small (smaller than a 3d) some pre-decimal and US silver excluding most crowns and dollars as it works out cheaper than bullion (I have 10 maples)
    My next coin is going to be a 20 balboa from Panama but that will be in the new year

  3. I don’t think silver and gold becoming money again is impossible. We just need good trends starting…
    If someone would pay you in gold and silver modern currency, lets say 3 gold philharmonics a month, would the taxman take gold value or face value in tax?

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