Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening – Step by Step Instructions for White Teeth

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=y17ob0lXrGg

Dr. Collins outlines teeth whitening instructions for people who have purchased 15% Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening from our office. Insta: @TheBracesGuy Facebook: Facebook.com/RochesterOrthodontics Web: RochesterOrthodontics.com

23 thoughts on “Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening – Step by Step Instructions for White Teeth”

  1. Absolute rubbish product that inner sticks to the green and leaves the gel .. the white part even sticks to eachother when you bite down and drags one of them off. wasted two sets so far have had to gargle and eject the dangerous gel from my mouth both times.

  2. I have this product and was wondering if you can leave the green tray in while whitening? I didn’t like how much product was getting into my mouth so I thought the green trys would avoid this. Also I have the visilign would it help to put this on to keep it tight to my teeth? Thanks for your help.

    1. I kind of overkill it…. I used these exact trays 10 of them in a 10 day period. When brushing afterwards I already use a 5% Crest Peroxide toothpaste. I’ll just say with the trays and the toothpaste in just 10 days I’m astonished, now I just use the peroxide toothpaste which last me about 2 weeks at $12 a tube. My teeth for me tho are not that sensitive too hydrogen peroxide tho

  3. It’s a junk, it’s a rip off. This Opalescence Go product does not whiten my teeth at all after using a box of 10($80.00). I bought it from my Dentist.

    My normal day: I don’t drink coffee but 1 cup of tea and chase it right down with a clean cup of water every morning.

    I watched several video clips on how to use it. Then I followed the instruction that came in with the box carefully and wore them(UL) for an hour. Rinse and brush off the sticky residual. After using the whole box of 10, there’s no result. The first picture of my teeth before using the Opalescence Go and the picture of after using all of 10 are almost the same color. I don’t see and I don’t feel any difference. There is no result!!! Stay away from this junk product.

  4. A thorough explanation and demonstration, presented fairly slowly, which is just what I needed. When I bought my kit at the dentist’s office, I was told how to use it and paid attention, but I thought I’d find good instructions within the box, too — and I can’t be the only one who found the instructions in the box sadly lacking in basic how-to’s. This video showed it, told it, and shared a few tips besides.

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