PAINTBALL FUNNY MOMENTS & FAILS ► Paintball Shenanigans (Part 97)

Boldy going where paintballers probably shouldn’t go… that’s right we are back for part 97 of my paintball shenanigans and this week we will be back in Poland for some more international shenanigans 🌍 As always I appreciate you tuning in to watch these videos so please be sure to like and subscribe for more paintball shenanigans and if you have a spare moment then please check out the links below for some amazing discounts and links to some great paintball products and merch 😁 💲 Discounts: DISCOUNT CODE: BARKER 10% Off : 10% Off : 📱 Social Media: 🎬 Twitch: 📘 Facebook: 🐤 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🎼 TikTok: 💷 Support the channel: 👛 Patreon: 💸 Youtube Members: 🎁Merch: 📛 Patches: 📞 Let’s Chat: 🔊 Discord: ❤️ Thank you to my sponsors 🇸🇪 🔫 🔥 Wanna play at the same events as me? Then check out: 🌎 OMG events: Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: #paintball #airsoft #paintballshenanigans

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