‘Parallel’ health and wellness systems will not take care of situation: Singh|Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh claimed having “identical” public and also exclusive health care systems will not take care of the staffing scarcity suffusing the nation.

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17 thoughts on “‘Parallel’ health and wellness systems will not take care of situation: Singh|Power Play with Vassy Kapelos”

  1. “How do you know that is the case?” It has happened with every other country that has tried this solution. New Zealand, and Australia both tried is, and reported longer wait times and worse care. What makes you think we will magically produce a different result with the same solution? There is no evidence parallel health systems are anything but ineffective, and a waste of tax payer money for even having thought the idea.

  2. beyond healthcare, today i went to 2 pharamacies, a loblaws, and walmart to find adult advil and cough medicine, and to my surprise, there is none. it feels like a weird parallel universe where were supposed to be a G7 country, but at the same time oddly feels like a 3rd world country

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