Paw Patrol Toys Best Learning Video for Kids Alphabet Letter Sounds Animal Puzzle for Toddlers .com/watch?v=oK1LFoWzCvQ

CHECK OUT OUR NEW CHANNEL: The Paw Patrol Sea Patrol pups have come to the rescue! In this fun video for kids we have the BeginAgain Animal Shaped Puzzle and the pups help us with learning our Alphabet letter sounds and letter recognition! At the end of this video we even get to enjoy the ABC Alphabet song from the YouTube Audio library! I hope you enjoy this educational toy video for toddlers and preschoolers from Growing Little Ones for Jesus! #bestlearningvideosforlittleones #growinglittleones #pawpatroltoys #learningvideos #kidsvideos #kidschannel #puzzles #pawpatrol #toyvideos

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