Percy and Vex’s Wedding Rings Have Arrived! .com/watch?v=KFCj2qUiYLU

Percival and Vex’ahlia wedding rings are available for pre-order now! Get them at Our very own Laura Bailey and Taliesin Jaffe have collaborated with our friends at Han Cholo to design these gorgeous rings in honor of the wedding of Percy and Vex featured in our Dalen’s Closet One-Shot. #CriticalRole #VoxMachina #HanCholo

20 thoughts on “Percy and Vex’s Wedding Rings Have Arrived!”

  1. Is this still a thing??? It’s like a week after the announcement no ones talked about it at all. It’s says it’s supposed to ship late/end of October and it’s almost the end and we haven’t gotten an update. (At least social hasn’t been given an update, I haven’t watched the stream in a while)

  2. Watching this another year later because I used a gif of Travis being scared of the ghosts at my dnd game last Wednesday cuz I play an orc fighter who might do well with living foes, but undead freak him out (and he, kinda fainted when the ghost ran through him. Also screamed and threw flour on the ghost when the druid pointed out where it was). The oarty started laughing when the gif was shared

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