Energy to males studying about learn how to take management of their well being 💪🏽 #CallTheMidwife #iPlayer


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15 thoughts on “Energy to males studying about learn how to take management of their well being 💪🏽 #CallTheMidwife #iPlayer”

  1. I don’t think asking men to undergo a surgery that sterilizes them so you don’t get pregnant is very fair. I’ve seen plenty of situations where a couple has all the kids they want to have, get divorced, then the man is incapable of having more with any other woman (depriving that woman of having children with the man she loves). If you’re done, tie your tubes or something

    1. Absolutely ridiculous comment lol. Perhaps men should learn to use protection, which most don’t want to ‘because I don’t like it / can’t feel with it on / insert excuse here’. Have you any idea what tubal ligation involves?! It’s major surgery, & is highly recommended against unless absolutely medically necessary & all other options have been tried. Having a vasectomy is reversible, so if ‘he’ decides to divorce, leaving his wife & kids, ‘he’ can go through the local anaesthetic to have it reversed to have further children elsewhere.
      Cry us a river that the man stops breeding.

  2. Vasectomies are not with out risk. Please stop trying to convince or peer pressure man to undergo a surgery they do not want. And please don’t just state that it is reverseble as if it was a gurantee that they become fertile again.

    I quote the Arizona website on urology

    “A landmark study involving over 1,000 men showed differing results based on how long ago the men had their vasectomies. Of the men who had vasectomy reversals less than three years after their vasectomy, 97% achieved sperm in their semen and 76% achieved pregnancy with their partner. From 3-8 years from the time of the vasectomy before the reversal, 88% achieved sperm in the semen and 53% achieved pregnancy with their significant other. Of those whose reversals occurred between 9-14 years from the vasectomy, 79% had sperm in the semen and 44% achieved pregnancy with their partner. After 15 years between procedures, 71% had sperm in the ejaculate and 30% achieved pregnancy. “

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