Prince Harry Embarrassed Over Past Health Concerns?

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15 thoughts on “Prince Harry Embarrassed Over Past Health Concerns?”

  1. You think the RF is kind?! Are you insane. The RF is a human snake pit. Look what they (meaning the Queen and Charles) did to those two young boys. Making them walk behind their mother’s casket in front of billions of people. That’s extraordinarily cruel. Of course they would reject any request for help if it reflected badly on the RF. As for their current platform of “mental health”- what a joke! The most dysfunctional family in the public eye!

  2. Harry didn’t set up the Heads Together programme – although I wouldn’t be surprised if he claimed to have. It was Catherine who proposed it and got permission from the Queen to launch the programme. She had a particular interest because her brother had struggled with depression and she and Pippa had been very supportive of him.

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