Record Gold Demand – Did You Get Some?


We’re coming off of a year of document gold need. If you assumed 2022 was an uninteresting year in regards to rate, there was a whole lot taking place behind the scenes. 2022 had the highest possible gold need because 2011 as well as Q4, 2022 was an all-time document. How concerning that? Pretty excellent, huh? ✅ SUBSCRIBE: SIGN UP WITH: Instagram: Discord: DOOR NOTED PRIVATE: IN WHICH TO BUY. JM Bullion is a relied on dealership as well as an enroller of the 2 is 1 network. ( I do not get compensations.). VALUABLE VIDEO CLIPS. ▸ Gold Coins 101: ▸ Storage: ▸ Capsules: ITEM WEB LINKS:. ▸Pelican Micro Case ▸ 32mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, and so on). (10 pills). (20 pills + tube). ▸ 30mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz Canadian Maple Leafs). ▸ 27mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/2 oz American Gold Eagles, and so on). ▸ 22mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/4 oz American Gold Eagles, and so on). (20 pills). (20 pills + tube). ▸ 16mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles, and so on). ▸ Theory11Playing Cards ▸Field Notes Notebooks I purchase gold as well as various other properties on a buck price typical routine and after that purchase even more as rate as well as passion enable. If you need to know even more concerning purchasing gold coins, that is my key emphasis right here. I chat a little bit concerning cryptocurrency, mining supplies as well as various other equities too. Cheers! CONTACT US. [email protected]. Disclaimers: I am not an economic consultant, a certified public accountant or a lawyer certified to offer monetary recommendations. Nothing I state is indicated as expert or monetary recommendations. I’m simply a person on the web, speaking about rare-earth elements. This is for home entertainment just. If you’re seeking monetary, tax obligation, lawful or various other recommendations, please seek an expert. I will certainly never ever ask you to send me cash to trade or spend for you. Please report any type of dubious e-mails or phony social media sites accounts asserting to be me. Some web links in the summary might be associate web links. As an Amazon Associate I might gain compensations from certifying acquisitions. Any prospective settlement I gain will certainly not adversely impact your acquisition. In some situations, I might get settlement or various other factor to consider from the firms pointed out in the video clips or summaries. No issue what I or anybody else states, it is essential to do your very own study prior to making an economic choice. Thank you!

25 thoughts on “Record Gold Demand – Did You Get Some?”

  1. Trying to judge gold on its spot price – positively or negatively – over less than two years is absurd. I have been called an idiot for over 40 years for keeping about 10% of my worth in gold. Now, I find myself very comfortable.
    Have I been stupid? IDK, could be. Either I’ve done something very smart, or my descendants will get to laugh at the crazy old man and sing Burl Ives’ “Silver & Gold.”

  2. Here is a stacking question that I would invite feedback and thoughts on….(I have asked this on a couple of channels)

    If a person stacked silver (and/or gold) for a long period – say 20 or even 30 years, and decided to sell it for another holding (like land), there would be a few small problems to contend with……

    There is a lot of folks that stack metals thinking it is a good way to limit using financial institutions and their rules, but if you ever needed large conversions quickly, here is a couple of issues… (especially for the folks with this thought process)

    1) Getting the funds from the sales of large amounts of metals into your checking account so you can write the check for your land down payment.

    In the US, when you sold those metals, you would owe taxes on any capital gains you made, so it is pretty important to keep good records of your purchases. This could result in thousands (or even tens-of-thousands) of dollars being owed in taxes to the IRS
    the year you sell them.

    Let’s assume you needed to convert your 25 years of saved metals for a large purchase, like land.

    Beyond the taxes, a couple of other issues have to be considered – First, finding a place (or perhaps a few multiple places) that would be willing to buy large quantities (let’s use $100k worth as a target) could be a problem. – Personally, I think it would be very hard to sell that amount of metals in a hurry? – (maybe impossible using 1 or 2 local shops – you may have to get sour rates and sell to a big online vendor like Apmex)

    If you had a single buyer, (or even a few) you could just ask them for a wire transfer or checks. If you plan to sell the metals for cash, I can guarantee that the bank will be submitting a CTR as well as a STR which may result in an audit. (banks tend to frown when you put large amounts of cash in or out of their facilities)

    Even with a check or wire transfer, it will probably take a few days to access the funds, so I think you would have to liquidate the metals before you actually needed the cash.

    I suppose there is a chance that you could deposit the funds from a check into your account without reporting or claiming it, but things like that did not work out too well for several folks…(Wesley Snipes, Redd Foxx, The Chrisley’s, etc…) – Personally, I would not take a chance on it….(I prefer on deciding where I reside rather than put myself in a position for the government to decide) 😁😎

    If a person already had their life goals met, and never thinks they are going to need to sell large amounts at once, then these issues are not important, except for their heirs when the metals are passed down. (And I would suggest having the heirs get an appraisal on the inherited metals so that they are only responsible for capital gains going forward, based on the value of whatever it was on the day of your passing, in case they ever wanted to sell it for another holding)

    Selling a little at a time for vacations or what-knot is what most folks use metals for, but I would be interested in getting others’ opinions on the topics (or any other issues with selling large amounts of metals over a very short period)


    1. @2 is 1 I A couple of years ago, I sold about $9k of gold to close the amount needed to buy a new car.

      At that time, I asked my LCS if he could have bought $40k worth (which was what I was spending on the car) and he said no problem but that he would need 1-2 business days if a person wanted all cash on it….A check he could do anytime he said…

  3. Yeah, if you have a good basic understanding of the metals, as well as the specific purpose(s) for why you’re buying them, the price fluctuations really don’t matter at all. As a result, the discouragement that so often leads people to becoming weak hands that eventually sell, never comes my way at all. I’ve been buying Silver for 15 years and Gold for 12 years, and I’ve never regretted it even once. I can’t predict the future any better than anyone else I suppose, but given what appears to be obviously coming our way at some point in the future, I suspect that either I or the family that I leave behind will be absolutely dumbstruck with gratitude that I put a majority of my discretionary funds into real money rather than into more superfluous pursuits. Understanding sound money and choosing to act, even with very small amounts of discretionary funds, has been one of the wisest moves I’ve ever made in my life. Other than bending my knee to Jesus Christ and marrying my wife, I can’t think of another decision that has been such a win-win. Good video! Keep stackin’ the Gold!

  4. I’d like to add my own modus operandi. I started 2012. I love it, other than some security considerations. The absolute main thing for me was the long term data over millennia does show the logic in holding gold. At the same time as buying a little gold I overpaid the mortgage and that finished in 2022 16 years early. The process of having gold contributed the discipline in paying the mortgage. I also went hard into the pension contributions and some straight forward stock investments with limited bonds. I now have a good distribution of wealth. I’ll keep the gold ratio at 5 to 10% of assets, excluding the house. That is very important advise, not to go over the top on one asset in my view. This is the age old advise from many many investors over last couple hundred of years and I get it technically. Please please don’t go all in and try to find a percentage stackers.

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