Retainers after Invisalign – Everything you need to know .com/watch?v=6E3SssICNR8

Everything you need to know about having retainers after Invisalign by Dr Gareth Edwards, an Invisalign provider and aesthetic focussed dentist. Find on Insta @smilewithgareth

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  1. Hi, can I ask you something? I noticed that when I bite down on my clear retainer I can see on some teeth that saliva bubbles moving inside the retainer (on the molars). Is that normal and because of the biting force? I am worried. Sorry my english is Bad I am from Germany 🙂 I am worried that my retainer doesnt work and cant go the ortho because of the Lockdown

  2. Hello, I’m coming to the end of my Invisalign and I used to have a gap between my two front teeth as well as an open bite. Which would be the best retainers for me? I wore braces as a child and after 13 years a broken retainer during Covid meant that my teeth relapsed to its original state within a few months, so I am very aware that with gaps it’s extremely easy for my teeth to move back.

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