“Safe” Deposit Boxes? Lehto’s Law Ep. 5.384



Turns out safe deposit boxes are not as safe as you might think. http://www.lehtoslaw.com

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    I can secure my own items much better than any bank can. I can hide a safe in my home soo well that it would never be found unless ground penetration devices were used and this is not something that is hard to build by the average person. Why would I ever place anything of value in a place where I have to be granted permission to get to it and only during certain hours? Then you have to sign away any responsibility from the bank so they have the ability to drill out the lock even by mistake and get away with it. It’s a wonder anyone with half a brain would put a dime in a safety deposit box! It’s more secure in a water proof pvc glued cap ends tube buried in the back yard under a concrete bird bath! Great story.

  2. Seems a person can’t win for losing. Store your contents at a bank’s safety deposit box and it gets emptied by mistake. Store your contents at home and you can be robbed. Transport your stuff over the highways to another place and police pull you over and do a civil asset forfeiture.

  3. Also liens can be put on deposit boxes. If you have a judgment against you for say credit card debt. If you think you are being sly by keeping a minimal balance in checking and savings that the credit card companies can seize and keeping more cash in the box. They can take whats in the box or at minimum restrict your access to the box until the debt is settled.

  4. I wonder if the employees of that storage facility saw those nice, expensive watches in their vault, took off their own crap watches and swapped them out for a super sweet time piece and that’s where those items the safe-deposit box guy didn’t recognize came from.

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