School ZOLL Plus Training Action First Aid

com/watch? v= 89umR5ilX2s

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    1. Hi Ryan! In terms of CPR and using an AED, anyone over the age of 8 or more than 55 pounds, is considered an adult. This video shows the pad placement and CPR for an adult. Now if the boy was under 8 or less than 55 pounds, he would be considered a child – meaning that the CPR depth would be reduced and the AED pads would instead be placed on the front centre of the chest, and back centre of the chest. SaveStation ( creates these videos, and since we distribute their product we have custom branded these educational tools with our name. SaveStation is in the process of making training videos for every AED on the market and allowing anyone to custom brand them. The goal is to have these shared everywhere to create mass awareness and education. We look forward to having more videos up in the next few months 🙂

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