SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google (2023)

Step-by-step guide to ranking in Google. Especially designed for people new to SEO and digital marketing. Here’s the video I mention at 8:50:

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  1. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:54 🕵️ Target low-competition, long-tail keywords for SEO success.
    02:48 📝 Create valuable, unique content that stands out.
    04:12 🖋️ Simplify on-page SEO: use keywords in the title and early content.
    06:49 🏁 Improve user experience with easy-to-find valuable information.
    08:56 🔗 Build backlinks by being the source for niche-specific statistics.

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  2. Great information. Don’t just focus on Google ranking, you have to spread out on multiple search engines, such as Yahoo!, Excite, MSN, and all other search engines. Being centered on your brand is extremely important or you won’t get any traffic to your website. An example is I plan to run my dropshipping store filled with outdoor products, use the theme of outdoor to center around, and should be able to put in keywords to increase the traffic of potential customers. Facebook and Instagram are extremely important when considering SEO terminology because, without them, you set up a failed strategy to get traffic to your store. Oh. One more thing…always make sure your website is frequently updated for the SEO to be optimized, otherwise, customers will go elsewhere to buy a similar product if SEO downgrades your search term.

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