Shaped Wedding Rings made to fit perfectly – By Mark Lloyd .com/watch?v=jXR6T6QCVWM

Shaped wedding rings hand made for a perfect fit. Mark Lloyd developed a technique for making a shaped wedding ring that guarantees the customer gets exactly what they want. By making the ring in silver first, the customer can try it on their finger and then adjustments can be made as necessary. Then the real ring is cast in the required metal, no wax and no cad-cam. My website:

Mark Lloyd: Mark Lloyd School of Jewellery:

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  1. wow !!! gorgeous rings ! I’m a beginner, I know many precious and semi-precious gems, cutting and polishing techniques, but I have to learn plastic and imaginary skills:) Recently I bought sphenes (titanites), demantoids, tourmalines, apatites, the look amazing with silver ring setting! I’m dreaming about ring with blue diamonds ring ๐Ÿ™‚

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