SHAWISH JEWELLERY World’s first Diamond Ring


‘The World’s First Diamond Ring’, by Swiss luxurious jewellers, Shawish. In Collaboration with Intoit Management, The House of Luxury and Il Bottaccio Venue. Special Thanks to Forward Pr, Vranken Champagne Uluvka Vodka. The journey will start in London with a celebration at award-winning Il Bottaccio, 9 Grosvenor Place in London on Thursday, the 14th of 2011. The historic Il Bottaccio was architected over 200 years in the past with the intent on making an unforgettable impression on London Society of the day. It continues to have this impact at this time in 2011. The occasion will mark an essential date in jewelry historical past with the presentation of ‘The World’s First Diamond Ring’; an in-depth animation charting the creation of a copyrighted, £43million, 150-carat ring composed fully of a completed diamond.

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