Shop Local Whitton: Where do residents rave about?

The wide-pavemented streets of Whitton play host to a richly varied and diverse local shopping scene, with artisan wines, friendly flower stores, and produce from around the world available on the doorstep. In this video, we hear from many Whitton locals about their favourite spots to shop, eat and drink, and then pop-in to a few of the amazing independent businesses that line Whitton’s famous high street. Whenever you take a trip to Whitton, you’ll be guaranteed to meet friendly, welcoming staff and a unique shopping experience in every business you can find.

Businesses featured: 00:41 – Botanical Home 02:50 – Ralph’s Wine Cellar 05:04 – Wamu As well as those featured and mentioned here, there are lots of other amazing local businesses in and around Whitton – read all about them at

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