Should we STOP Buying these Silver Coins in 2023?

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44 thoughts on “Should we STOP Buying these Silver Coins in 2023?”

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s hard to find the 2018 and newer Silver Maples locally without buying the entire tube. So I usually buy 5 at a time online with a few other coins or rounds I can do reviews on to get me over the free shipping minimum. I know you are scorned, my dealer calls them Milky Leaves the older ones, but the newer ones are much improved.

  1. I switched to all American coins the last 2 weeks. When I started stacking a few years ago I went for rounds, generic bars, and euro coins. I’ve seen it said a few places that you mature as a stacker and it goes by weight. My first 100 ounces were all in junk and generic rounds and bars. My next 100 was in kilo bars and junk. My 3rd 100 was the same. I recently switched out all of my generic silver for junk halves. With the premium drop I picked up a few tubes of eagles. I have only been buying bars in kilo form, and now those are all the bars I have. I stack for trading and direct purchase of goods with my silver. I live in a farming community and most of the people I get feed and equipment from are more than happy to take a handful of Mercury dimes for a pallet of chicken feed. Its helping me meet more interesting people in my area (I’m new here, like a lot of other “refugees” that showed up in RVs) and I now purchase all of my junk silver from my LCS. My farmstead is just sout of Lake City, FL if there’s anyone in the comments that’s close by and might want to meet at the LCS for a coffee and chit chat.

    1. I’ve been buying a lot more ASEs these last 2 weeks myself, and some silver dollars which have been coming down too. I definitely agree that as you mature you tend to grow more “vanilla” as a stacker having learned some lessons and choosing to stick to what has proven to be a better choice.

    2. @Florida Stacker I have definitely gone “vanilla” and changed my purchases to match up with my long term goals. Of course I’m getting ready for the rainy days we may have ahead, like a lot of if not all the people on here. I also starkly remember all of the “things” in the last 30 years that were “inevitable”, and watched relatives lose big getting “ready”. In 30 years I want to roll out a dolly of sealed tubes of low mintage years to buy the kids a house, pay for grandkids college, get myself a bigger property etc. The only product consistently increasing in value, thats bought at “spot plus” at shops, and that gains value annually separate from the value of the metals, are Eagles. Yeah, I still rack my credit cards up a few times a year getting kilos, but I consistently buy junk, and when the premiums drop I will trade in my “dont care but it” box and walk up with a stack of notes to get sealed tubes.
      Man, I like your down to earth style, and I subbed when I dropped this comment. Too much sensationalist out there. They’ll give you a heart attack if you let em. I love Bix, he’s entertaining as hell, but he’s a personality on a payroll that has a job to do. No problems with that and I hope he does well for himself. But he’s not talking about long term, thought out, asset strategies.
      Thanks for the time you put into this and for not having crappy music. I’ll be seeing you in the comments down the line.

    3. @MandelaDefect That’s the best approach in my opinion. I think you are on the right track. I personally am stacking silver, cash and some bitcoin (to flip into Gold) in order to build a layer of fat for any possible economic hibernation (I lose my job for instance). I had to come out of pocket for several big items this summer including a $7500 home repair, so I’m focused on generic silver rounds, bars and cash for the next 6 months or so for my personal stack to rebuild that layer of protection. Premiums coming down is good timing as I’m acquiring Silver Eagles and 5 Silver Dollars per month right now which my YouTube channel profits pay for. I basically put everything i make with this right back into more stuff to show you all. What drives a lot of my buying is that I have this channel and so I am not as vanilla as i’d be if I were simply a viewer and not also a content creator. Stacking on YouTube is a small community. Gaining subscribers and subsequently revenue, partnerships, etc. is slow business and takes years to develop. I buy more frequently, and I also buy more variety to provide a better experience for all of you that I would likely not do if I weren’t on YouTube. I also don’t buy much Gold right now. Not because I don’t want or believe in it, but mostly because a Gold purchase would eat deeply into my budget as a single item purchase. For instance, if I buy a 1/4 ounce Gold Eagle for $600 or a tube of 20 American Silver Eagles for $600 I can only make one video featuring the 1/4 oz Gold Eagle. I earn about $12 dollars on average over 30 days for each video. With the Silver Eagles I can stretch that tube out to 4 different subjects and show 5 of them at a time. I am getting more value from unboxings on YouTube than I am with Gold. Basically stacking silver is a lower premium option for me over all with this channel vice stacking gold.

    1. People who buy Silver tend to buy with their eyes. Yes, there are those are a strict buyers of only what is cheap without a worry in the world what the coin, round or bar looks like. However, a lot of buyers once more buy with their eyes so a coin dealer knows this and can be reluctant to pay you the full premium that the coins you have should receive if the coins are heavily spotted. Reason? They may have to sit on them longer. Coin dealers love quick turn-arounds as they have tight margins to be competitive so in and out is what they aim for to stay profitable.

    1. Well you asked me so I’ll answer. I would go for the Eagles. I’ve hardly stacked them for the last 2 years. I want to complete a monster box of them so at that price I am stacking what people want the most and at the best price over the last 2 years which to me is a win. The Maple is my usual go-to coin if I want to add coins to my cart for that purchase. You get quality every time, a lower price and they are in demand. I won’t be stacking the Britannia, Kangaroo, Philharmonic or Krugerrand much if premiums on Generic, Maples and ASEs stay this low (compared to recent times). I have a couple tubes of each at this point and can open them up for videos. I do however want more 10 ounce stackable bars and some BU 90% to show more of that on the channel.

    1. Here in Florida it is $500 or under that is taxed on generic rounds and foreign silver or gold. So fractional foreign gold under 1/4 oz doesn’t make sense as I have to pay tax. Also foreign silver coins, if the purchase is less than $500 or Generic I am taxed so my dealers prefer to deal in full tubes of Rounds or Foreign to avoid the tax.

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