Should You Buy Silver Coins Which Are Not Pure Silver?

Today we take to the great outdoors to discuss different types of silver coins and why someone might prefer coins which aren’t entirely pure silver. What type of coins do you prefer to have in your collection? Let me know in the comments! Thanks to Vintagetimegems for the great question!

36 thoughts on “Should You Buy Silver Coins Which Are Not Pure Silver?”

  1. I had NO idea about GST being attributed to non bullion silver and gold coins. Thanks Matt. You certainly had your problems with “THESE FLIES”! You were doing the “Australian Salute”! Onya Matt. Another GREAT video! Cya! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘»πŸ˜

  2. Hi from canada again Matt … our silver coins were 80% silver …. USA 90% … I have a good sized world silver coins … many 100 years old …. I no Australian tho …. many at less than there melt would pay … ??? CAN YOU PLEASE DO A VID ON AUSTRALIAN.SILVER COINS …. thanks

  3. Hi Matt,

    Question from someone whose worldly collection’s slowly growing…

    Do you have an app/site recommendation for keeping track of ones coin collection? I noticed Numista offers this option for those with an account, I’ve also heard recommendations for Coiniverse (apparently also have an app too)… What are your thoughts/suggestions?

  4. Great spot for a video! Have to love the pesky flies! Another informative video!
    Son has got into the old coins, some consist Of Chalgrove Rome coins, Charles I shilling, Elizabeth I sixpence, halfgroat and Edward I pennies. He also loves the history side of them.

    Didn’t realise GST was attached to the silver and gold coins.

    Doesn’t matter where you head if there is view like that! Gippsland, Phillip Island, Great ocean Road, too many places. Throw a dart on a VIC map
    And see where it lands!

    1. Thanks for watching Dianna!

      It sounds like your son has a great collection of fascinating coins!

      I agree there are so many stunning locations in the state, I’m looking forward to getting out and filming a little more in this style in the future! 😊

  5. Thanks for the video Matt. Very informative. The GST component on non-pure silver coins is a good tip. That can be overlooked. I have to admit I like the designs of the world coins. Like you said, it can be quite fun to take them out and look at them.

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