Silver Bars VS Silver Rounds – Don’t get the WRONG ONE!

In this silver pros episode we discuss what silver is best between silver bars and silver rounds. When it comes to silver bars vs silver rounds there are a few considerations. Silver rounds are typically priced very reasonably and they look like silver coins. Silver bars can have the lowest premiums when it comes to silver stacking or investing in silver, but are usually found in large silver bars. When it comes to which size is best for silver stacking it depends on your budget and goals. We compare 1 oz silver bars to 1 oz silver rounds and the rounds came out on top. When it comes to 10 oz silver bars and 100 oz silver bars the tide shifts depending on stacking goals and budget. Which is best for you silver bars or silver rounds? ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Rumble: ✅ Buy Silver & Gold From SD Bullion ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Instagram: ✅ SIGMA METALYTICS PMV DISCOUNT: ✅ Contact: [email protected] ✅ Silver Dragon’s Website: Thanks for watching!! Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Topics I cover in this video: silver bars vs silver rounds, silver bars and silver rounds, silver bars or silver rounds, silver bars vs. silver rounds, silver bars, silver rounds, silver bar, silver round, 1 oz silver bars, 10 oz silver bars, 100 oz silver bars, 1 oz silver rounds, silver coins, silver stacking, investing in silver, silver investing, silver bullion, silver rounds vs silver bars, silver rounds or silver bars, silver rounds and silver bars, generic silver, generic silver bars, generic silver rounds, best silver for stacking, best silver to buy, best silver for investing, buy silver, buy silver bars, silver price, silver premiums #silver #silverstacking #silverprice

20 thoughts on “Silver Bars VS Silver Rounds – Don’t get the WRONG ONE!”

  1. I buy from sdbullion and buy on sale as much as I can. I bought a few kilos, coins, rounds, and bars, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s changing dollars into silver or gold, I don’t care. The largest I have is a 5 kilo, and I only have one.
    I do have a 100 oz monster box.
    I have more silver rounds than bars because I like the way they look.

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  3. The PM portion of my porfolio consists of goals met to set foundation in gov issue pertaining to your geographical location. Then the focus on 10 oz bars & generic rounds. Shear weight , for that i am a fan of RCM 100 Oz Bars mate well w/ the 10 Oz beauties, down to the recognized Maple. That trio is all that dominates my *Silver Eagles. That said a done, its fun collectibles and rare capivating coins

  4. SURE, you guys are sponsored by SD!! And I bet you get YOUR silver and gold AT SPOT!!! And maybe PAID in Silver/Gold!! I NEVER buy from SD!! Prices are TOO HIGH!!For what I want! A deal once in a while!..BOTH of you guys are ..PUMPERS!! I dont watch YANKEE anymore. He HAS changed!!

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