Silver Bullion | Convert your Silver Bars to Bullion Rounds .com/watch?v=E2BSAJPGe8g This video features the process of converting your oversized silver bars to manageable silver rounds in 3 easy steps. Give us a call or check out our website to find out more about how you can liquidate your oversized silver bars. and let us be your favorite mint.

31 thoughts on “Silver Bullion | Convert your Silver Bars to Bullion Rounds”

  1. I highly doubt they convert your silver into rounds, rather they just weigh what you send and then send you an equal amount in rounds that have already been produced.  Charging you a percentage for converting rounds that are already made.  At some point the silver you sent to them just ends up being converted into rounds the next time they fire up the press to make more product.  

    1. Trollilng my comment !! next time you have an objective view try leaving a decent comment on the actual subject instead of condescending to the author.  Your probably an employee of this company which is why you tried sounding clever, but now your just getting tore up.  Asshat !!

    2. +shwackthenoobsac What you guys don’t get is that they do the melt, roll forming, punching of blanks, and punching of coins. As long as you’re sending in the same quality of silver as you receive why not be happy? Is it because they make a bit of a profit? They have a building, insurance, employees, machinery, and a host of other things to pay for. Nobody is in business to lose money or break even. Imagine this….. You send in a thousand ounce brick and you agree for the upfront cash charge to get 1000 1 oz coins. If you got your same exact silver back it would be nearly impossible. After the blanks are pressed, say you have 15-20% that has to me remelted and rolled to make new blanks. Then 15-20% of that needs to be remelted and rolled….. Keep repeating until you have exactly 1 oz left…. How are they to make a coin of that? My stand is, if you are getting what you gave, with a reasonably up charge, be happy.

  2. I see a a loss a bad loss on doing this.. of i cant gain bit it costs me either way i go with it why deal with you? Youre gonna have to give me something better than charging me to convert apple to apple like that otherwise i lose what i stood to gain. So heres where i am with it. Of i need to put my larger bars into a more manageable denomination , why dont i invest in a metal cutting bandsaw blade ? Not everyone has a foundry but i do. So why would i lose money buy paying to convert when i can melt , refine, and pour exactly the same denomination here at home? Im saying if the benefit is all in your favor where does my interest become protected or at least apple for apple. Of i have 9999 silver why would i convert down to a 999 silver and pay to do it? Blows my entire gain to bits..

    1. @Greg Gergen Have you researched the tax implications? What gets me nervous is that collectibles are taxed at a higher rate. Which is one reason I want to break up my 1,000 ounce silver bar as smaller rounds don’t generate as much paperwork. Does this company send any sort of report to the IRS when you break 1,000 ounces?

    2. @FortNikitaBullion You would have to call the company and ask them. About all the way probably do at worse is send you a receipt for converting a bar into rounds. They would no more or no less send you paperwork than if you took a bunch of lumber to a cabinet maker and they made the lumber into cabinets. They are basically in the metal processing business.

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